Red Clouds Collective Coffin Tool Roll


Portland-made is an attitude, a mark of quality, and a badge of honor. Red Clouds Collective reminds us why. Red Clouds prides themselves on dedication to quality, function and style and their beautiful handmade products reflect it. Easy to use and easy on the eyes, their work is built to last and to enjoy. As they put it, “[we] believe in creating products with an honest approach, understandable and practical design... We are designing for the people who want better than standard quality and support the idea of exceeding it”.  Designed to get better with time, the Coffin tool roll is a sturdy waxed canvas home for your tools - be they pencils or wrenches.

  • 17 in. long by 5-10 in. tall
  • 10oz waxed canvas
  • Pocket with brass zipper
  • Five pencil and tool pockets
  • Simple tie closure
  • Leather details

A heavy duty cotton tool roll that is well thought out includes protection from the elements and protection from collateral damage during transport. This offering from local outfit red clouds collective has thick leather reinforcement points and a stout zipper that is solid brass for corrosion resistance and long term ease of use (hit it now and again with candle wax over the years to keep it going smoothly).

The roll is assembled with excellent double row stitching thats about as clean as you can get and has a tie wrap thats cleverly proportioned so that a single or double knot will allow the loose ends to match up perfectly without being lopsided once tied together. Nice detail! Once knotted, the tool roll stays put. Even when rolling around loaded up in a jobber box or the back of a car, it never came undone. The 5 tools holder slots are designed with the ability to accommodate and organize hand tools according to size with a handy zipper pouch for odds and ends like zip ties sockets or other small parts that would tend to fall out of a typical tool roll. And, the design allows the holder to retain the tools snugly when rolled up, yet present a clean work surface that stays flat when opened up for access.

Motorcyclists: take note. This roll will easily fit under most 2 up seats and easily allow you to carry the essentials to repair your bike and the heavy duty waxed cotton means your tools wont get wet even in the worst Pacific Northwest downpour. The strap retainer would even take a snap ring to assure a secure attachment under a fuel tank or hard case point. You can even kneel on it when placed on wet pavement, and your jeans wont get soaked as you have kneel down to readjust that @#$@# chain slack for the 20th time.

I could see this tool roll being very useful as a replacement for the tired "man bag" and has enough space for plenty of pens, notepad, cell phone and keys while being svelte enough to fit inside a large jacket pocket. Or, it might even make a handy range bag for those who like things that go bang. It should fit up to a medium frame automatic with room for a cleaning kit and several spare magazines. This tool roll will make unwrapping your instruments of work or play a mini Christmas each time you lay hands on it. Lose that gross foam and camping equipment looking excuse for a caddy and do your tools a favor with the Coffin Tool Roll. It'll be the last one you need to buy.