Worther Aluminum Mechanical Pencil


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In 1985, Gerhard Wörther, founded the company WÖRTHER BADEN-BADEN which, now as then, continues to offer exceptional mechanical pencils, writing instruments and accessories. 

The beautiful mechanical pencil made of aluminum is elegant, practical and lies comfortably in your hand thanks its ergonomic hexagonal design. It comes with a 3 mm thick, soft 7B graphite lead and can write on almost any material at all, incl. wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass (using a red lead), X-Rays (using a white lead).  

There is no need to sharpen the pencil as the lead automatically wears to a conical shape as you write

  • Hand-Made in Baden Baden Germany
  • WÖRTHER SHORTY Aluminum mechanical pencil
  • made of high-quality natural anodised aluminum 
  • 3.15 mm 7B graphite lead
  • Incl. black presentation box