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HES Contributors

Nial McGaughey is a Designer, Engineer, and Founder of several Musical Instrument manufacturing companies including Hovercraft Amps. He spent over 2 decades breaking things in the video game and software industry with a 'secret other life' playing in bands around the world. We also greatly admire his motorcycle collection! 

Katy Meegan is a letterpress printer, craftswoman, teacher and artist. She started printing at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis. In 2006, she headed West and began printing, teaching at the IPRC and co-founded the Em Space Book Arts Center. In 2007, she started Keeganmeegan & Co., an artistic letterpress printing, graphic design and illustration company that she still currently runs and co-owns with Keegan Wenkman.

Brian is an owner/operator at Stumptown Printers Worker Cooperative, Inc. which he cofounded in 1999. He is a volunteer and board member at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry and blogs about his experience learning the operation and maintenance of a Linotype Model 31. When he is not working with ink and type, he can be found playing hillbilly music (traditional American fiddle tunes) around town.

Josh earned his Oregon Journeyman Plumbing License on the Southern Coast, and has travelled the world, but he's ever drawn back to Portland. He started our fair city's first Bicycle Plumbing Company, and recently joined in a partnership with Tyson Wilson at Ecoplumber. They strive to create beautiful, functional plumbing masterpieces alongside environmentally responsible solutions.

The rural badlands of Connecticut are steeped with history; Witch-trees, dunebuggies, the largest chicken coupe and chicken sedan on the East coast, and a young man named David who stands exactly the same height as most mannequins. Moving west is natural, the land is bigger out here and it can accommodate legendary people. He spends his days lifting heavy objects, greeting people with a smile, and taming his reddish locks.

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Luke is a guy who lives in Portland and makes stuff in his garage. He drives a Volvo he bought for $100 and drinks too much coffee. When he's not designing an excellent new lamp, or crafting furniture for friends, you can find him in the shop at Hand-Eye Supply. He's our resident expert on most everything design and practicality, and he man's the power tools on most of our build out projects.

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