Hand-Eye Supply x Man vs. Ink x Mary Kate McDevitt Bandana


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Everybody needs a solid bandana. As purveyors of quality workwear we've pined for the bandanas of yore: thick, bold, rugged pieces of cloth, hearty enough to wipe the grease from your hands or sweat from your brow but soft enough to be comfortable. Noting the scarcity of such a bandana from the marketplace (with the exception of vintage re-issues that cost upwards of $50) we made it our mission to make one that lived up to our standards. 

Enter Fred DiMeglio of Man vs. Ink. Fred hand-dyed the heavy weight cotton bandanas in small batches before discharge printing the patterns, the very method of printing that was used when creating the aforementioned bandanas of yore. As a final step they are triple washed for softness and comfort.

The design was hand-illustrated by Mary Kate McDevitt, who also painted the famous Hand-Eye Supply Official Transportation Unit (cargo bike). Mary Kate riffed on her original design for the bike, refining and reframing it for the bandana context. The end result of this is a fantastic bandana that exceeded our stringent expectations and we are proud of them. 

  • Hand-Dyed in Small Batches Portland, OR
  • 100% Heavyweight Cotton
  • Discharge printed
  • Triple washed for softness
  • White contrast stitch on the edging
  • Fiber reactive dyes
  • Beautiful beautiful colors
  • Roughly 20.5 x 20.5 inches