Otter-Messer Mercator K55K "Kat" Knife w/ Lanyard


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This simple but extremely rugged pocket knife has been used and manufactured in Solingen, Germany for over 100 years and are virtually unchanged from their original design. The "Mercator" blades were first forged in 1867 by Heinrich Kaufmann & Sohne, Indiawerk. Their reliability made them popular with Kaiser Wilhelm's Army in WWI. Eventually they garnered acclaim from civilians as well. They are virtually indestructible and have been passed down from generation to generation.

Otter-Messer, who has been manufacturing blades in Solingen since 1840, revived the manufacture of the Mercator pocket knife in 1995 when Heinrich Kaufmann & Sohne, Indiawerk went bankrupt.

  • Mercator's "Kat" Pocket Knife
  • *Exclusive 17" Clip-on Nylon Lanyard*
  • Hand Made in Solingen Germany
  • Lockable
  • C75 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Black Painted Iron Casing
  • Hand Embossed Kat K55K (The Heinrich Kaufmann & Sohne, Indiawerk Logo)
  • Mounting Ring