Pointer Brand Special Make Banded Collar Jacket Indigo Blue Denim


To celebrate 100 years of manufacturing durable, high quality workwear in the USA, the L.C. King Manufacturing Company brings you Pointer Brand's Special Make Line - unique and small production runs inspired by their customers. Each piece is hand-sewn in Bristol, Tennessee, as they have been since 1913. 
Since Hand-Eye Supply opened its doors we've championed Pointer Brand for its heritage appeal and stalwart character. We couldn't have been more excited when we learned they'd be developing a new small run line tastefully tailored to the modern workwear consciousness.
This Pointer Brand Banded Collar Jacket is a revamp of the classic Pointer Brand Chore Coat. The larger Chore Coat wing collar has been replaced with a small standing band. Like the original version the Banded Collar version is constructed from quality material, your choice 100% Cotton Duck, Hickory Stripe, Fisher Stripe, Indigo Blue Denim or White Drill and features four large pockets, including a pocket that buttons and a pencil holding stitch on the left side.