Gedore Adjustable Hammerable Wrench Open End


If you need to throw a wrench into things, choose this one. The master craftsmen at Gedore have been producing tools since 1919 in Germany's "tool city," Remscheid. The design of this adjustable wrench, with a protected mechanism and additional striking face, allows you to apply light blows to it without affecting the tool's performance. 

  • Swedish pattern, adjuster wheel with left-hand thread (60 S-8P)
  • Includes adjustment scale
  • The protected mechanism and additional striking face allow light blows to be applied
  • Comfort grip from the Gedore Design Studio
  • Manganese phosphate coating
  • Grip recess ensures secure hold even with greasy hands
  • Hanging hole
  • To DIN 3117 Form A, jaw set at 15°

    If James Bond has an adjustable wrench, I'm 100% certain it is a Gedore. The Gedore Adjustable Wrench has the same Porsche/Walther PPK 380, sleek look, boxy, with tight rounded corners, yes, I'd call this tool sexy! Keeping with the 007 theme, it serves multiple functions, an adjustable wrench that can hammer quite well. I've used this function frequently and can attest to how well it works similar to a ball pin hammer that just happens to be the best adjustable wrench you have and ever will own. When thumbing the wormscrew, the jaw moves so smooth, it nearly looks like a pneumatic device in motion. There is absolutely no "play" if you grab the wrench by the jaw and shake it against the mechanism--I dare you to try this with your wrench at home, you will be horrified--which speaks volumes to it's quality and craftsmanship. A wrench you may use for the rest of your life.