Bridgetown Forge x Hand-Eye Supply Hand-Forged Nata Hatchet


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Behold, the mighty Bridgetown Forge x Hand-Eye Supply Hand-Forged Nata Hatchet! Each Nata is crafted in Portland, OR by the experienced hands of blacksmith Arnon Kartmazov, with the assistance of Nitzan Lilie. Bridgetown Forge is run by Arnon, whose decade+ of apprenticeship in Japan makes him an ideal person to craft this Japanese style hatchet. Beyond his experience in Japan, Arnon studied with master blacksmith Uri Hofi in Israel, world renowned for his forging ability. Arnon's Japanese-style knives are sought after by chefs, and coveted by the rest of us.   

We love Arnon's skilled work and aesthetic. It's his belief (and ours!) that everyday objects can be, and perhaps should be special, surprising, of high quality, long-lasting and a pleasure to use. 

The Nata is a traditional Japanese hatchet with a square blade and a slightly curved handle for good balance and cutting angle. For the BF x HES Nata we agreed on a slightly smaller axe blade and a double beveled edge for ease of use. The blade is forged from  5160 Carbon Spring Steel often used for truck leaf springs. 5160 is extremely durable and commonly used by blacksmiths for its strength and plasticity. 5160 spring steel can handle high impact applications but keeps a good edge. For hatchets Arnon prefers this to the White or Blue Steel traditionally used for Nata, because of those materials' tendency to chip. The handles are made by Nitzan Lilie, a former competitive Argentinean tango dancer and tough as nails blacksmith. They're formed from hickory and pinned with hammered copper. Each Nata comes with a one of a kind wrap made in house. Photo is representative, but each will be unique.

Because each Nata is formed by hand each will vary slightly in size and character, but all are made to perform. Most importantly they're razor sharp, burly as hell and absolutely gorgeous! Each blade is finished with the Bridgetown Forge stamp and the HES logo (the stamp made by Nitzan), to mark its authenticity. Each hatchet is imbued with the strength and agility of its makers: Arnon and Nitzan punctuate their work with short bouts of Russian martial arts while the metal is heating. Really.

  • Traditional Nata hatchet 
  • Modified design for ease of use
  • 5160 Carbon Steel 
  • Hickory handle with copper rivets
  • Limited edition
  • Made in Portland, OR