Core77 Shark Spirit Poster


The word "epic" has never been more epitomized in Core77's reissue of this 80s poster for Dutch poster company Verkerke by Fernando Agudelo. Airbrush illustration suitable for the side of a teardrop window custom van? Check. Cosmic rings? Check! Ferocious great white, teeth and gums awash in the blood of a fresh kill? Check! Fiery haired muscle bound surfer dude riding said shark with bolts of gleaming lightning crackling at his fingertips? CHECK! This illustration has it all! The only question that remains is if you're epic enough to hang it on your wall. Also epically cheap!

  • Original (epic) artwork by Fernando Agudelo
  • Reprinted by Core77
  • Experience the thrill of an electric, cosmic, shark storm at safe remove
  • 29" x 22"