Otter-Messer Anchor Sailor's Knife


The simple but extremely rugged "M35K" pocket knife is produced by Otter-Messer, makers of high quality knives in Solingen, Germany since 1840. Otter-Messer, which translates to "Otter Knives," manufactured simple and strong pocket knives finished with wooden scales, all of them hand made—ground, stropped (straightened with a leather strap), and polished in their small factory. The otters who lived in the streams and brooks next the little factory inspired the both the logo and the name. Today Otter-Messer knives are fitted with C75 carbon steel blades, but the knives are still manufactured and stropped by hand. 

This brass-anchored sailor's knife is a good example of the quality of Otter-Messer knives. Boasting a curved blade for control, a weatherproof hardwood handle and the iconic anchor inlay, it is functional for a number of applications. Its broad Sheepsfoot blade is descended from nautical knives, since the absence of a straight pointed blade makes stabbing incidents less likely - useful for the turbulent nature of the sea and the turbulent demeanor of shanghai'd or indentured sailors... as well as for those of us landlocked and accident prone.

  • C75 Carbon Steel
  • Beautiful rosewood handle
  • Striking brass rivets and Anchor inlay
  • Blunt tipped sheepsfoot blade - ideal for safety and cheese spreading
  • Hand Made in Solingen Germany
  • Fits the leather sheath by Red Clouds Collective