Preppin' Weapon Sanding Block


These sweet tools are simple, genius weapons against grumpy sanding experiences. They feature a high-impact ABS plastic body, a tough padded bottom for extra traction, and locking grippers on either end to keep your sandpaper exactly where you want it. No slipping, less swearing. Despite (or possibly because of) their jovial name, these things beat the tar out of other sanding options we've used. 

Perfectly fits a quarter sheet of sandpaper, or straight off a narrow roll. Good for dry or wet use - they float so you won't lose it in the bucket. Light enough to use for a long time. Use different colors for different grits, or just to stand out on your messy bench. Stainless levers won't rust, and are quick and painless to maneuver. All around easy to use and built to last. Called by some the "Cadillac of sanding blocks."


  • ABS plastic, lightweight and buoyant
  • Tapered to get into tight spots
  • Stainless clips to grip and tension sandpaper
  • Good for wet or dry use
  • 2-3/4" wide x 7-3/4" long
  • Way more ergonomic than a block of wood
  • Made in the USA