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February 9th at Curiosity Club: Amber Dawn of Dirtbag Films

Posted on 04 February 2016

After she dropped out of high school inside a wave of Pacific Northwest grunge and Riot Grrl gusto, Amber Dawn train-hopped around the country. After that, she wound up with a film degree from SVA and then taught English in the Bronx. And she came back to Portland in 2012 to dive into past traumas and the moments of a lost era. 

Finally, her story joins Curiosity Club Tuesday, February 9 at 6 pm PST. 

Working on traumas, teachings, and train-hop memories, she'll explore the relationship between trauma and art in light of her current project, "My Rock n' Roll Fantasy." 

Her upcoming documentary, produced by Dirtbag Films, looks at the death of a friend, grunge culture, and where we are today. She tells the story through old VHS tapes and the artwork of her late friend. Of starting to look through her friend's possessions, she says, "Molly's work screamed from the pages and echoed the feeling of the time period in the early 90s Pacific Northwest, where Riot Grrl and Grunge was born. I seek to to engage others in conversation about what we have lost from an era of sharing personal pain which exists in stark contrast to the heavily curated online persona's people present today and a surge of gentrification which has encouraged heavily monetizing creation of art."

If you can't make it, tune in at 6 pm on the Curiosity Club main page.

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