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Industrious Minds Fellowship

Portland! Tell us about your next big project and you could win $1000 in HES gear + 4 one-month Free Time Memberships at Portland's premier makerspace ADX!

It’s no secret that Portland is a place dedicated to craft, creativity, and the process of making. Here at Hand-Eye Supply it’s our mission to support Portland’s community of makers and earn their work the attention it deserves.

With that in mind, we happily announce we are accepting submissions for the 2nd Industrious Minds Fellowship (IMF) and this time around we are teaming up with our friends at ADX to sweeten the pot! We want to see what you’re working on! The IMF exists to support selected makers in their efforts to fully realize a project of their own design. Projects may range in disciplines, scale and approach. We only ask that the end result of your project is tangible (so no web or mobile based projects please). Hand-Eye Supply is all about tactile processes, so the more hands-on the better.

Our last IMF was awarded to Escape Collective for their geodesic dome project, which went on to provide dome design and fabrication for clients such as Design Week PDX, Nike, Summit and Ikea.

The IMF is designed around two central awards. Recipients will receive:

  • $1000 in Hand-Eye Supply gear to use toward the completion of their project.
  • Documentation of the process and final product for promotion across all of our media platforms. You do your work, and we make it visible to the world through Core77, our website, blog, and social media accounts.
  • One month of FREE TIME Membership access at Portland's premier makerspace ADX for four members of your team to help your project come to life.

Here’s the kind of stuff we’re interested in:

  • Projects that are already underway or thoughtfully conceived, and can be executed given the team’s resources.
  • The project’s end result has been proven to be attainable, and is physical in nature (i.e. no web or mobile projects, sorry).
  • The project is of a moderately large scale and is executed by a team of makers. 
  • The project is passion-oriented rather than commercially so (though, it could potentially be both).

Submission Requirements 

Feel free to go outside the box (or break the box) with your proposal. But here are some things we’re looking for:

  • A complete and well-designed project proposal that outlines the project’s purpose, plans for execution, a timeline, and clearly defined deliverables. 
  • A detailed description of the team’s relevant skills, qualifications and existing resources. Think of this as the résumé or biography section.
  • A visual component: videos, photos, prototypes, sketches, etc. 
  • The project must take place within Oregon or Washington. 

Submission Deadline 

*UPDATE* We have set the deadline to submit for July 1, 2016. Please be sure to include the timeline for your project in your submission.

PDF format is preferred for documents.
Do not attach video files. Please upload and send us a link.


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