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A Few Good Men (from The One Show)

Posted on 17 February 2016

We chatted with a lot of folks this past weekend at the One Show. Here are just a few gents that rode into SE Portland to join in the festivities...

Bob has been riding this Harley for 30 years: "It just keeps going."

Aaron came up from Long Beach to rep Suicide Machine Company and the HES Bandana

Kyle and Brandon rode down from Alberta, BC: "We just came down to check out all the bikes."

After serving twenty years as a pilot in the Navy, Mark returned to his roots in the Northwest and found a love for bikes: "I skied growing up. But I always wanted to go fast. I wanted to compete. So yeah, I've always liked to live on the edge."

Another Mark. He hadn't been on a bike since college, but he bought this ride two and a half years ago: "She already has 40,000 miles on her. From Alaska to Santiago, Chile."

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