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The Paper World of Benja Harney

Posted on 25 February 2016

He lives, works, and engineers in a world most of us give little thought. And I'm not speaking of his home in Sydney, Australia. Benja Harney lives and creates in a world of paper. He makes magic out of the stuff we scribble notes on and (hopefully!) are tossing in the recycling bin. His creative material, his lifeblood, his molding clay, is the same stuff we carry our groceries in. 

Like many of us, Harney spent his childhood cutting and pasting paper creations. But while most of us drop the scissors and glue, Harney went on to refine his craft and ideas in design school, and ultimately, serendipitously as he says, found his way back to his truest passion: paper. 

Harney creates original art, pop-up books, packaging, and has found a unique niche in advertising. He breathes charm and life into card stock and calls us to take notice. 

Below are a few of my favorite pieces.

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