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Vintage Braun at Das Programm

Posted on 12 March 2016

What do Braun and Volkswagen have in common? They are both German companies that used to make beautiful minimal consumer goods and now make tacky junk. The difference is there are plentiful photographic resources for classic Volkswagens, and not so many for classic Braun products. You can shell out the big bucks for a used copy of As Little Design As Possible, a book excerpting some of Dieter Rams most iconic designs for Braun, or you could just visit Das Programm's website for free. They are a purveyor of genuine vintage Braun and Vitsœ home goods. Their prices are pretty darn steep though. I suppose I have been lucky with the vintage Braun I've found second hand. Nice to look at though. Here are few selections, and you can also head over to Das Programm

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