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The Unique Heinkel Cabin Cruiser

Posted on 16 April 2016

After WWII, there was a large boom in Europe of very small cars. While Americans had plenty of money and desired larger, fancier cars, Europe had just received the brunt of the war. Resources were tight and so were funds. Companies that had made aircraft and luxury cars were struggling and were forced to explore more options. Microcars were happily embraced, particularly in war-ravaged Germany, by a thrifty public who needed cheap transport. A number of German microcars were on the market by the mid 50s such as the Goggomobile, Messerschmitt KR200, and BMW Isetta. Among the most unique in appearance was certainly the Heinkel Kabine, or Cabin Cruiser as they were known in England. The Cabin Cruiser was a supremely primitive car with one door that swung out forward. It was suggested that if a traffic accident occurred the occupants could escape out the sun roof. Most models came with around a 200cc engine that could hurl the little bubble car up to 56mph down the road, although these speeds were not recommended. 

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