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French Class, Durability, & Style Arrive via Vetra

Posted on 05 April 2016

We’re never slow to talk about the principles of our buying philosophy - Utility, Story, Design. With any product or practice in our store, these tenants are at the forefront. The arrival of the new Vetra collection is a proud moment for us, a continuation of practices born out of a belief that function and purpose are tantamount, heritage and intrigue are essential, and the simple idea that well-designed gear works and works for a long time. Vetra has it all.

Edouard Bereens started Vetra in 1927. By 1930, he and his family were making the best workwear in France and demand forced them to move to a bigger facility. The company has continued to grow and change shape to fit the demands of the stylish, efficient, and intentional worker.

Vetra chore coats are cut short for mobility, functional pockets limit fuss and keep your essentials in close range, and tough twill stitching is classic and no-nonsense. The Striped Linen Work Shirt features an extra-long cut in back to make sure your tuck-in stays, well, tucked in, and it combines a soft feel with durable, tough fabrics. The pants are no exception in this Vetra line - strong-stitched, slim fit, a single pocket for your wallet or wash cloth, and an old school zipper/hook fly is a nod to Vetra’s roots in 20th Century European Industry. Vetra effortlessly combines class and constancy.

Cheekily combining the first letters of vetements de travail (work clothes), Edouard Beerens launched Vetra in 1927. The Beerens and their few employees started making aprons and overalls out of their small factory, and within a decade were outfitting the French army during WWII. Refusing to work for the Nazis, Edouard broke all but one of his machines and cut the existing uniforms to pieces, and fled to Western France in 1941 to start Vetra’s work again - all from scratch. 

A classic example of a family company, Vetra is still operated by the Beerens in Western France. They’ve never wavered from their values or strayed from their intentional approach to quality, durable, comfortable workwear. With history sewn into early 20th Century European industry, Vetra continues to blur the line between workwear and fashion. Just like the Beerens themselves, Vetra pants, coats, and shirts don’t quit - they’re stitched for a long, strong, and stylish life.

Vetra works just as well outside the shop as it does inside the shop, lean and mean at work or simple and stylish at play. All Vetra colors are deep, beautiful, and perfect for layering. The slim cut of all the Vetra gear keeps you safe and mobile while you work and let’s you step out for dinner, drinks, or an evening stroll in easy style. 

The bold buttons on the jackets and coats offer a subtle accent, the light stripes of the linen shirt are a subtle pop, the buttonless cuffs of the tops make for a cool roll up, and the pants are true to size, a toughened-up classic for any sort of making or moment.

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