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Bulletin 1.0: Coroflot's Mobile Office

Posted on 15 April 2016

It's 2012. Laurence Sarrazin and Eric Ludlum have dreams of finishing a "tiny house" - a 280 sq. foot home for a family of four. They've run through prototypes and workshops, designed a structure and bracket system, and a 28' x 10' trailer is custom built by MS Metal Works in Mollalla, OR.

Then the fall rains came, and the tiny house hopeful was not rolled out, but rolled in, covered in a tarp, and let down for a little trailer sleep. And as project fate would have it, it would not wake until another Eric/Laurence project matched up, and Core77 and Coroflot growth demanded the trailer's proposed intentions be reimagined.Last year, having sold the land that was Eric's childhood home, Laurence and Eric had the opportunity to fell the second-growth trees from that plot. They seized the chance to repurpose the Doug Fir's, the very same ones Eric climbed in his wee-days in Tigard, OR (then an unincorporated part of Washington County), and the resulting lumber is the 5000 board feet that now sit in our garage - destined to be built-in furniture, shelving, and flooring of the newest addition to the Coroflot office. Just as we were born out of Core77, so was Coroflot, which has come to be one of the most fruitful web hubs for design opportunities and portfolios, taking a more career-focused angle to it's sister, Core77.So with fresh lumber, a trailer frame, and a need for more office space, Coroflot's new office takes up residence in the garage of it's other sister: us! - Hand-Eye Supply. Follow along here, on Core77, and stop by our DWP Open House this Thursday, April 21 from 4-7 pm to see the in-process project and talk about the build. We'll surely have a Ft. George brew in hand.

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