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The Paintings of Eric White

Posted on 27 May 2016

I was just sitting at my desk zoning out rather than writing a blog post, and I got to thinking about an abandoned drive-in theater in a dry little southern Colorado town. The paint is slowly being sun-blasted from the screen, the projection booth has long been ransacked, and the grass is thigh-high to the poles where the individual car speakers used to hang. The speakers themselves were either sold or stolen long ago. Folks in the trailer park across the way get suspicious if you linger too long. One or two minutes is too long. 

Eric White's paintings capture the unsavory discomfort and uneasiness that runs just below the surface of the nostalgia we feel for the 50s though 80s. They are the memories of that era that my father and mother don't tell me about. It's the feeling of driving along in the summer and everything should be alright, but I still feel restless, like something is coming soon that I cannot sense yet and it may not be for the best. 

Visit the Artists Website for higher resolution images. I recommend it. 

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