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Tonight at Curiosity Club: Nahanni Arntzen

Posted on 26 March 2015

Tonight at Curiosity Club, we'll hear from Nahanni Arntzen whose new photography book documents her parents' lives as young, off-grid tree planters in the logged Canadian forest.

Tree planting got its start in the 1960's after logging practices in British Columbia were leaving large swaths of bare earth that had little to no regeneration. The duty was first delegated to the loggers wives, to go in and replant the seedlings where the clearcuts had taken place. After this proved insufficient, forestry companies started offering up reforesting contracts and in the 70's groups of young hippies took those contracts and started tree planting They hauled in all supplies needed to sustain weeks and months at a time, setting up primitive camping sites on location of the planting. 

Hear more about off-grid life and adventure, tonight at 6pm at the shop or streaming online on the CC Homepage!

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