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Pie Safes (Not Just for Pies)

Posted on 03 June 2016

Before the proliferation of ice boxes and refrigerators, storage of perishable foods could be a challenge. We take for granted how safe and sound our steaks are in our fridges now, but it was much harder to keep bugs, rats, and other ruffians of the natural world out of our food or linens before we could just stick it in a sealed, cooled box.

One common solution was the pie safe. Most pie safes are roughly the dimensions of a dresser with vented cabinet doors and side panels. Some have drawers and some do not. The vents are sometimes plain screen but are usually made from punched tin, with anything from ugly randomly punched holes to beautiful ornate patterns or images. They had largely become obsolete by the late 19th century, though they had a regretful resurgence in the 90s with the Shabby Chic debacle. Luckily fake pie safes have faded from popularity along with Jnco jeans.This Pie Safe, originally built for a bar, proclaimed support for Andrew Jackson. It sold for $102,500 at auction in 2014.

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