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Apoocalypse Now: Entertaining Ecological Infographics About Toilet Stuff

Posted on 01 August 2015

Living indoors means you're likely to use a toilet on a regular basis, and that means you've likely wondered what happens after you flush. If you (or young inquisitives in your life) have pondered this age old question, a tasteful set of crap-concerned posters could be a fun way to finally learn. 

Hearing from Curiosity Club veteran Molly Danielsson is fun for a lot of reasons. Prime among them is her ability to use illustration and enthusiasm so get people to talk about subjects as tricky and taboo as poo. Molly's first CC presentation covered the complicated way that water treatment works in a city like Portland, and what that means for conservation and environmental issues. (Hint: there are a lot of steps and a ton of wasted energy and H20.) Now she's heading a move to update outmoded laws about potties and what happens past them. To keep the education flowing, she's promoting updated and expanded versions of her adorable educational infographics in a Kickstarter that's already blown past its first goal! 

Starting at just $13 you can pick up a 6 poster set with interesting info on how sewer systems work, "Toilets Of The World" and "Prominent Decomposers." An affordable addition to classrooms, ecology-conscious households, and as gifts for especially stuck up family members.

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