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Luke's Weekly Deals: Roundup 11/6/15

Posted on 06 November 2015

Kat (the gal who keeps our social media up and running, and who prods me with a pointed stick every once in a while to write a blog post) has been at me to do weekly roundups of the unusual stuff I find on Craigslist. I usually spend my breaks searching for cars and stuff I A: cant afford, B: cant afford, or C: can't afford or fit into my home. So sharing is no loss to me, and I'll give this a shot. I'll be compiling my finds into a weekly roundup so y'all can find the goods. My focus will largely be along the west coast, as there is a whole goddamn country of Craigslist and I am but a mere mortal man with only 30 minutes of break time a day. 

1958 Citroen Vanstore - $40,000

This thing has popped up for a sale a few times or the last couple of years, always very expensive, always very tempting. Something important to consider is that parts for this turkey are going to be next to impossible to find, and it likely wont go over 50 mph. But still. You could just park it in the woods and live in it like a weird French hill person. 

1950's Sun Multimeter - $50

Sun is most famous for their stunningly beautiful distributor testers (a distributor is a car part that your dumb Prius doesn't have, making the Sun testers obsolete). This little Multimeter is also quite attractive, though not that practical. It would be great as a bench-top tester for small electronics but might be a bit, uh, huge for convenient automotive applications. Claimed to need a fuse to work, there is a good chance this thing is totally f'd. Buyer beware.  

1950's Delta Combo-Desaster Tool - $270

I am a big fan of old Delta Rockwell tools. Most of the Hand-Eye shop tools are vintage Delta Rockwell that I picked up from Craigslist (my favorite is our original 1945 Delta 14" bandsaw). This machine is a whole bunch of old Delta tools in one. These old combo machines have always fascinated me. They are supposed to cover pretty much all the basic needs of a home handyman, albeit inconveniently. The table saw is miniature and is more suited for making a birdhouse than a people house. The other tools are powered off of the table saw spindle so every time you want to use a different tool you, have to partially take the thing apart. Inconvenient sure, but an interesting idea nonetheless. And a great tool just to look at. 

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