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Luke's Weekly Deals: Roundup 11/13/15

Posted on 14 November 2015


1963 Renault 8 1100 - $6500

The first thing that tantalized me this week is this 1963 Renault 8 1100. First, the reason why I will not buy the car, then the reasons why you should. The seller is right. This is not a very common car. Particularly in the US. Good luck finding parts that you don't have to ship from across the globe. Don't even think you will be able to pop on down to Napa and get yourself a new head gasket. That said, look how sweet this thing is! It's watercooled and it has no grill! WHERE IS THE GRILL, RENAULT? It as also a great base for a classic rally car. These were popular for just that purpose back in the day. 


1964 Datsun 320 Pickup - $3999

Hatchi Matchi! What a truck! These little Datsuns were well made and well engineered little pickups. Parts aren't super easy to find, but they certainly aren't impossible either. Plus this one looks (from the one image) to be very clean and intact. Hopefully all the trim is there on the other side too. These early Datsun trucks were really really small. Smaller than your 1970's Chevy Luv or Ford Courier. Plus, it's all curvy with the up-to-date styling of an early 50's Chevy. I imagine it goes from 0-60 mph never, so keep it off the highway. It's an around town errand runner, dig?


1957ish Edsel Ranchero (Granpapy's Mistake)- $2500

This one is such a good bad idea. This is actually a 1957 Ford Ranchero, but some observational hoon realized that you can bolt the front end of a 1958 Edsel right on there! Sure, you could pony up another $500 for the original front clip thats sitting next to the car, but where's the fun in that? By the time you got this thing in any kind of running and driving condition, it would likely be a total financial loss. But hey, it's your money, not mine! 


1939 home made trailer - $1200

This and the Datsun are likely the only true good buys in this weeks roundup. The craftsmanship of this trailer looks great. The fender line is a bit wonky, but otherwise it's super handsome. I would polish up the hubcaps and pop those babies on there. The only problem with this trailer is, it's too nice to haul gravel or dirt in and has to be garage kept. It would look damn good behind your 1957ish Edsel Ranchero though. 

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