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Gift Pick for Picky Cooks: Iwachu Cast Iron Pans

Posted on 01 December 2015

Iwachu cast iron pans fold modern thinking into simple, age-old technology. They are minimal, elegant, and easily one of our favorite new kitchen staples. The Iwachu Omelette Pan comes in two sizes, 22cm and 24cm, and features gently sloped sides, a long loop handle, and a pre-seasoned finish. From sautés to sauces, cornbread to morning eggs, these sleek pans have you covered.

As you might remember, Iwachu pans are made in the traditional nambu tekki (or nanbu tekki) style, in Japan. Nambu ironware has been used for over 400 years, and is a versatile staple for many types of cooking. This type of ironware is made in a proprietary process resulting in a higher quality material, thinner wall thickness and a satisfying, slightly pebbled non-stick surface. That means you get a lighter weight cast-iron pan without sacrificing even heat or durability. Past their use of this credentialed construction, the key design feature in Iwachu skillets is subtle: their gentle sloping sides and unusually long cut-out handle dramatically improve ergonomics. 

Iwachu's handmade cast iron is distinctive for both its aesthetics and its impeccable quality. It takes at least 15 years to become a cast iron craftsman, and their painstaking process takes over 60 steps to make a single pan!

The result is worth it: you get low-stick, highly ergonomic cookware that will last for a lifetime. Between the attractive form, the more comfortable handle, and the high-quality high-iron material, Iwachu pans have been on our must-have list since we first used them.

In now for $100-$120.

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