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A Superior, Surprising Way to Spend Your Christmas Cash

Posted on 22 December 2015

Brough Superior is truly a marque amongst the greats. Few makes conjure up such images of grandeur to vintage motoring fans, and they share stature with the likes of Aston Martin and Delage. As was common among the elite British auto brands of the era, most Brough Superior motorcycles were custom built from the factory to suit customer needs. Their quality and finish were rivaled by none. Each motorcycle was assembled twice, rigorously tested at high speed, then inspected and certified by George Brough himself before the customer took delivery. The care taken in developing such quality machines resulted in them being the worlds most expensive motorcycles. 

Today Brough Superior motorcycles command some of the highest prices of any vintage bikes, making them all but impossible for your average goober (such as myself) to afford. One of the only ways for the hoi polloi to posses one is to buy a clapped out jalopy and slowly rebuild it, though doing so would require the skills of a master machinist, fabricator, and magical thinker to honor the original build quality of such fine machines.


If this sounds like you and you happen to have $30,000 burning a hole in your pocket, perhaps a trip to Bonhams Spring Stafford Sale in Staffordshire England is in the cards. A stash of 8 rare Brough motorcycles were found in a barn in Cornwall England in varying states of decay. Some are exceedingly rare and are expected to fetch enormous sums while a few less zesty models are expected to sell for the same price as a new Toyota Camry. You have a few months to get your plane tickets and figure out which rattle trap you want to bid on. But bid wisely as you are sure to spend a decade or two putting the thing back together again. 


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