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Little World: Taxidermy

Posted on 21 June 2016

I am fascinated by something I've come to call "little worlds." To me, a little world is a hobby, a group of people, a theory, idea, practice, or culture that is specific, original, and unique all to itself. To an outsider, it is alien. The little worlds in which I have full residency are photography and film and Kansas City Barbecue. Beyond that, I have work visas in 20th Century literature and old school diners. 

Alright, I'll step out of the depths of my metaphor now. To some people, stepping into one of my little worlds would be fascinating and confusing. You might know very little about 35mm film or the Waffle House chain restaurants east of the Colorado River. But I would be an alien in just about every other little world. Every little world has its own language, vocabulary, cultural understandings, ethics, and norms. These little worlds are unending, and that's remarkable to me. 

So, here's to one little world! Taxidermy. Check out this short documentary. It explores the craft through the eyes of the best taxidermists, or "wildlife artists", in the world...

Taxidermists from Aeon Video on Vimeo.

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