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Blake Van Roekel of Keuken Live at the HESCC Next Tues!

Posted on 15 October 2010

Oct. 19th marks the sophomore meeting of the Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club, a series featuring an eclectic group of speakers, experiences and workshops across a broad range of subjects. Each meeting's topic is dictated by our curatorial interests in the areas of Culture, Design, Science, Technology, Art, Fabrication and Design Techniques and Lost Common Knowledge.

Blake Van Roekel: Keuken
"Gourmet design; stimulating the  intellectual palette"

Blake Van Roekel is the owner of Keuken and a co-founder of the successful and popular Art+Palate Supper Club. Her menus are inspired by art and design, literature and music resulting in meals that are thematic and unique to the time and place of the event. Her goal is to introduce greater levels of meaning to the food on our plates by not only stimulating our taste buds, but our emotions and intellect as well.

Blake's talk will focus on the process by which we create dishes. Not only are taste and textures motivating factors in recipe and menu development, but color, aesthetic and the creative process imbue themselves upon food as well. What we see, the literal and the intangible, is what we eat . . .

The Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club is curated by Tobias Berblinger, Will Lolcama and Core77's Hand-Eye Supply. Upcoming speakers include Erin Gardner of the Opulent Project, Chance Walte of Fearless Guitars and Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist.


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