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Summer Quarterly 14: Good Work

Posted on 28 July 2014

Good work isn’t a product, it’s an eclectic process. It takes passion, thoughtful planning, and plenty of patient effort. It pays to be a little bit visionary and a little bit historical; part flexible and part stubborn. That critical process inspires us even more than a finely finished project. Thanks to the support of critical, creative individuals in our community Hand-Eye Supply is turning four, and our process is getting better all the time. We’ve always aimed to unearth the odd and practical, and offer up the little inspirations that keep your process fun. As we grow we want to help you find your stride by digging up the best tools, inspiring your research, and keeping your excitement sky high. Here's to the Good Work and to appreciating the process.

To compliment our Summer Quarterly 'Good Work' poster we've gathered up fresh offerings for creative living and partnered them with some of our all-time greats. Summer is the time for exploring the new and revisiting old favorites, whether we’re talking about beaches, books or tools. We’re pumped to share the hot exciting finds, but we know tried and true feels cool too. Check out the collection here!



Thanks to all of our customers: the stars of our 'Good Work' Poster!

Jennelle Barajas
Mint & Mirth

Eric Ludlum
Founder / President Core77

Andy Longyear
Wildland Firefighter
Heavy Equipment Fabricator

Ken Tomita
Founder / Designer

Smitherman, Doug M., Mookie, Seth, Connor
Staff at Western Bikeworks

J. Brown
Carpenter / Welder / Furniture Maker
Backporch Projects

Noah Twining

Gretchan Jackson
Leader of Eco-Gulag

Stephen Hill
Creative Manager

Kara Jean Caldwell

Linden How
Artist & Librarian

James Harrison

Tobias Berblinger
Operations Manager
Curiosity Club Co-Founder

Jean-Francois Cayron
Amateur Machinist & IT Consultant

Nakeia Medcalf
Visual Merchandiser

Emmeline Eao

Crispin Argento
Apparel Designer

Nathanael Malone & John Sardari
Product Designers

Garrick Imatani + Kiddos
Artist & Educator
The Watcher Files Project

Erin Rose Gardner
Designer / Jeweler
Studio ERG

Rene Berblinger
Farmer / Musician
Gales Meadow Farm

Lyndsey Lee Denyer
Designer / Ladyhammyr

Michael Gray
Plat 99

Chris Garby
Wildlife Illustrator & Axe Restorer

Dan Nickel
Custom Furniture Builder

Christine Taylor
Photo Art Director

Spencer Staley
Founder The Good Mod

Taylor Sizemore
Bike Designer / Fabricator

Robin Moses
Artist / Art Educator

Joseph Gonzalez
Barista, Bike Builder & Hobbyist

Carrie Strickland

David Kline
Shipping Specialist / Beertender

Lance Marrs
Real Estate Broker / Developer

Hill Hudson
Artist / Illustrator / Designer
ESC Collective

Carrie Anne Hathaway

Kurt Marion
Massage Therapist / Tinkerer

Michael Lazarus
Painter / Educator

Laurence Sarrazin

Evan Kinkel
Creative Producer
Stumptown Coffee

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