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  • The Anarchist's Design Book
  • The Anarchist's Design Book
  • The Anarchist's Design Book

The Anarchist's Design Book

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Christopher Schwarz is one of the preeminent voices in modern woodworking. Founding Lost Art Press, along with his friend and fellow woodworker John Hoffman, Schwarz has set out to preserve woodworking through the use of traditional hand-tool skills. Schwarz is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, runs perhaps the world’s most prominent blog on woodworking, and he prides himself on being a voice to trust. With “The Anarchist’s Design Book,” Schwarz explores just 11 different forms - a bed, dining tables, chairs, chests, desks, shelving - across two construction techniques, staked and boarded. Ultimately providing a guide to build every piece of furniture in your house, Schwarz writes in the face of cheap, contemporary taste and says, “Why would you want to imitate the taste of your boss’s boss’s boss?” It’s not a book of plans, but a guide, a set of patterns, so you can design your own pieces.

From the book, about the pieces: “They are also necessary in the sense that we have to make things - anything - to preserve both the craft and our humanity. The history of civilization and woodworking are the same.”


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