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  • Optimus Hiker+ Multi-Liquid Fuel Stove
  • Optimus Hiker+ Multi-Liquid Fuel Stove
  • Optimus Hiker+ Multi-Liquid Fuel Stove

Optimus Hiker+ Multi-Liquid Fuel Stove

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Optimus has been making wicked tough, high quality outdoor gear for over a century, and the classic Hiker box stove has been beloved for over 70 years. The compact steel casing makes for a rugged package, and inside is a large fuel tank, a built in fuel pump, a super well-designed burner and a nice stable cook surface. As the name suggests, this multi-liquid fuel stove can work with a lot: from white gas, to kerosene to diesel and jet fuel! The tank holds 3.5ml (11.8 fl. oz) of your fuel of choice, and can run for up to 2 hours on high. An excellent in-between size, it's no longer considered a lightweight option in the world of hardcore hiking, but it'll beat the tar out of big camp stoves for durability, efficiency and heat. In addition to the traditionally tough and compact design, the Hiker+ recently got a fancy update and now comes kitted with the award-winning Nova burner! This thing can boil water in 3 minutes flat, withstand extreme cold and heat without flinching, and make flapjacks for a full, hungry family.

The design is elegant, compact and ingenious. Just prep the tank with the built-in pump and you're ready to go, and it's easy to keep the fuel line clean with a magnet installed right under the burner to clear the port as the burner slides over it, so you'll be in business for years! Tough enough to stand on when closed, and accommodating even larger cookware when open, the Hiker+ is perfect for car camping, longer outdoor excursions, group camping and minimalist living. Check out the steps and specs for more details on use.

  • Burns liquid fuels, including white gas, kerosene, and diesel
  • 1 tank burns up to 2 hrs at high heat
  • Solid steel housing and pot rests
  • Solid brass tank and hardware
  • Stout tank pump
  • Thick square regulator handle with comfortable knob
  • 18cm x 18cm x 11cm / 7.1" x 7.1" x 4.3" closed
  • 1590 grams / 56oz
  • Built in cleaner clears the fuel port as the burner slides open
  • Made in Sweden 

    Suggested steps for lighting and use:

    1. Setting up: Pop open the case lid, pull the tank slightly forward from the case, open the central cap, fill with approximately 12 fl. oz of liquid gas, and screw closed tightly. Even when a refill is unnecessary, it can be helpful to open and close the fuel tank to neutralize its pressure to ensure even fuel flow.

    2. Priming: Once filled and resealed, depress the pump on the right side of the tank a couple times. Next fit the removable regulator handle into the cutout on the left side of the burner, and turn it gently counterclockwise to start the fuel flow. The Hiker+ is self-priming, and a single match or spark is usually sufficient to light the burner. Some light sputtering is normal as the burner warms up, and some low burner noise is standard.

    3. Use, upkeep and storage: Once lit, your flame size is widely adjustable and highly efficient once up to temperature. Use the attached case lid as a windscreen and get cooking! When finished, use the regulator handle to securely turn off the fuel feed, allow to cool, and re-fold the case. The burner has a built-in magnetic fuel port cleaner, activated as the burner slides back and forth. Stores easily in its integrated case, and comes with a mesh bag to gussy it up.    

    Don't burn the stove dry. Don't use with unintended fuels - and really, cmon, you have plenty of options.  

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