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  • Diamond Ceramic Whetstone
  • Diamond Ceramic Whetstone
  • Diamond Ceramic Whetstone

Diamond Ceramic Whetstone

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This brick of gold is is worth its weight in diamonds and ceramic. Which is convenient, because that's what it's all about. Brought to us by Fallkniven, Swedish makers of high quality knives and tools, this two sided sharpening block is the perfect compliment to well-used knives. No water or oil needed, start out an especially dull knife on the diamond side and refine to a razorlike edge with the ceramic. These super hard materials can tackle even the toughest metals and won't clog or deform with use, which is vital for a forming precise, predictable edge. While you can clean it with some soap and water from time to time, low upkeep makes this gleaming block as easy to use as it is to look at. Out of the package these seem a bit rough, but with use they quickly mellow in to a perfect grit. This is a beautifully made bench block is a real tool's tool, and it even comes in a snug and lovely gift box. 

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