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  • BasShu Normal Apron Stripe
  • BasShu Normal Apron Stripe
  • BasShu Normal Apron Stripe

BasShu Normal Apron Stripe

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Tri Color Natural
Tri Color Navy
Pinstripe Blue

Simple it may be, but normal it is not. The BasShu Normal Apron combines light, tough cotton with traditionally careful construction methods, providing unusually good coverage and durability without sacrificing a seriously satisfying feel. The shorter cut and comfortable cross-back straps make a nice fit for wearers of all sizes. The patch pockets keep things where you need them, and the double layered chest keeps you extra protected. Contrast stitching adds a subtle pop, and the small logo patch gives you a spot to write your name and defend your apron territory. All in all, the Normal Apron is full of thoughtful details that set it far apart.

BasShu draws from the Japanese emphasis on tradition and painstaking craft. By using the soft, natural, and highly durable “Banshu” weaving methods practiced in the Hyogo Prefecture for generations, they bring two hundred years of craft and pride to modern textiles. Their distinctive fabrics and aprons are imbued with attention to detail, deep appreciation for skilled production, and the simple joy of using well-made items for years to come.

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