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Hand-Eye Supply's PDX Maker Overlord Nominees 2012


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Brett Binford

Mudshark Studios, Mold Making, Ceramic Production Services

"Mudshark Studios LLC is dedicated to the development and success of their client's ideas. They strive to manufacture the highest quality product in a timely fashion. By informing their clients of the various processes used, they can assess and implement the most effective methods to fit production needs."

Kate Bingaman-Burt


"From her PSU professor bio: "Kate is often found illustrating fancy things based on personal consumerism. The likes of IDEO, New York Times, HOW and Print Magazine love her, and we do, too! She's always inspiring students as well, being a professor at PSU and most recently speaking at the student symposium of the AIGA Make/Think National Conference."

Alea Bone

Bonewerx, Mixed-Media Folk Artist & Illustrator

"40-something, dumpster diving, beer-drinking, thrill-seeking, shockingly tattooless, scrapper, non-smoking, heart-burning, paper-cutting, peak bagging, lolly-gaggin, gut-wrenching, socially awkward, absent-minded, bleeding heart, old skool, New Wave, X-flower child, rule-breaking, direction seeking, misfit mama, free thinking, non-believing, green living, sleep deprived, Outsider, nature lover, pdxer, BFA holding', day-dreaming, fortune-seeking, fun-loving, risk taking, junk collecting Mixed Media Folk Artist and Illustrator."

David Butts

Mad Dog Garage, Kinetic Sculptor

"The Mad Dog Garage began at at David Butt's house more than 20 years ago. He and his children worked on go carts, motorcycles, cars and trucks as they were growing up. The children picked the name, and it stuck. During this time, David also began to build small interactive kinetic sculptures. In 2011 he installed a storefront window to display his work which he calls a 'Sidewalk Gallery.' A sensor in the window, shaped like a hand, allows people passing on the sidewalk to activate and interact with his kinetic sculptures."

Carye Bye

Red Bat Press, Printer

"Carye Bye has been interested in self-publishing since her high school days of making 'zines. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has lived in Illinois, Georgia, Ireland, and San Francisco. Carye has a B.A. in Studio Art (Printmaking & Photography focus) and Art History from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Travelling, collecting, bike riding and going to small museums are few of her passions aside from Red Bat Press. Carye is also the director of the online Bathtub Art Museum."

Ward Cunningham

Cunningham & Cunningham, Wiki Inventor

"A pioneer in both design patterns and Extreme Programming, Ward Cunningham started programming the software WikiWikiWeb in 1994 and installed it on the website of his software consultancy, Cunningham & Cunningham (commonly known by its domain name,, on March 25, 1995, as an add-on to the Portland Pattern Repository. He named his software 'Wiki' after seeing Hawaiian airport shuttles that were labeled as Fast-Fast in the local language."

Steve Davee


"Steve Davee is a Science & Math Teacher and the Technology/Documentation Specialist for Opal Public Charter School and The Center for Children's Learning of the Portland Children's Museum. He is a former coach and volunteer for such organizations as Odyssey of the Mind, Destination Imagination and First Lego League, as well as the founder of CoLab Tinkering, which provides tinkering camps and hands-on creative problem-solving workshops. He's also an active member of the Portland Area Robotics Society (PARTS) and the DorkBotPDX community. These and other teaching endeavors over the past 25 years have brought him to the forefront of tinkering evangelism."

Aaron Draplin

Draplin Design Co, Designer

"The Draplin Design Co. stepped out on its own four hairy feet in the fall of 2004. Some four year later, he's proud to report that he's managed to 'keep everything out of the red.' He rolls up his sleeves for Coal Headwear, the Union Binding Company, Snowboard Magazine, Field Notes memo books, Ride Snowboards, Forum Snowboards, Grenade Gloves, Chunklet Magazine, Cobra Dogs, Absinthe Films, NemoDesign, Gnu Snowboards, RVL7 Apparel, Burton Snowboards, K2 Snowboards, Bonfire Snowboarding Apparel, South American Snow Sessions, as well as all sorts of one-off logos, t-shirt graphics and what not."

Tripper Dungan


"Dungan often paints children, who in his opinion are better than most at 'making believe.' His work also frequents the insect world -- after all we were all once little guys seeing things from different points of view. His work is inspired by clouds in the sky, with their ever changing forms and shapes – 'one moment there's a bubbly white jalopy, the next a great dane floats by wearing a top hat. Looking into space in its infiniteness conjures thoughts of the endlessness of perception and the amazing places we can go in our imaginations.'"

Elizabeth Dye

Clothing Designer

"Elizabeth Dye is a Portland, Oregon-based clothing designer specializing in special dresses and wedding gowns. Her dresses are made locally, by hand, and they often feature antique trims and fabrics and take inspiration from the style of past eras. She loves thoughtfully-designed details and one of a kind touches - they are what set a handmade dress apart from something you can buy off the rack. Dye began designing custom one-of-a-kind dresses in 2000, and have since made it her mission to offer alternatives to traditional bridal fare."

Suzanne Fuoco

Pink Slip Jam, Jam Maker

"Pink Slip Jam was born from Suzanne Fuoco's love of good food, a tremendous respect for farmers and the desire to connect with her beloved grandmother, Grace Farnham. Currently, the business consists of Fuoco, where her working title is 'Chief Pot Scrubber'. Her husband, Stuart Fox, assists by cheering on her efforts, providing invaluable suggestions, and serving as 'Lead Taste Tester'. Their three sons, Owen, Desmond and Holden enthusiastically taste each and every batch. They not-so-enthusiastically attend the garden or pick fruit!"

Nicole Georges


"Nicole J. Georges is a zinester, illustrator, and pet portrait artist living in Portland, Oregon with her canine life-partner, Beija Georges. Nicole has been publishing her own zines and autobiographical comics for over fourteen years, the most recent of which Invincible Summer, has been collected into an anthology and released as two volumes (from Tugboat Press and Microcosm Publishing)."

Dylan Goldsmith & Suzanne Moodhe

Captured By Porches, Brewers

"Captured By Porches began around 2002 as an eclectic homebrew club (whose 'members' would frequently find themselves captured by the brewer's porch, with a bottle of something special in hand and good times and conversation afoot). Captured By Porches has slowly morphed into a source of income and means of artistic creativity for Dylan Goldsmith and Suzanne Moodhe. Since their humble beginnings, they've grown up a little and are now accompanied by two assistant brewers, Eric Brurud and Brian White, who also double as Brew cart servers.  Nearly all of their waste becomes animal feed or compost, or is recycled. Their beers are proudly packaged in reusable containers (and homebrewers seem to delight in not returning the dollar deposit bottles!) The base malt is local and organic, and the other ingredients are organically grown whenever they can source them locally; but they prefer to use locally grown ingredients rather than shipping in organic ones from thousands of miles away."

Eli Grey

Lemolo Baggage, Bag Designer, Manufacturer

"Lemolo Baggage is a small company based in Portland, Oregon that specializes in high quality bags built in small-run and limited edition batches. They strive to create the most functional and stylish all-weather baggage ready for your everyday adventure. All proudly made in USA."

Shannon Guirl

Caravan Pacific, Lighting Designer

"A former television editor, Shannon Guirl turned to wood turning and ceramics to cure a creative itch and found a new passion in designing midcentury lighting. With the aid of a successful Kickstarter campaign and a skilled team of craftspeople in Portland, she was able to launch her business, Caravan Pacific. She looks forward to creating more lighting designs (and a lot of sawdust) in the future."

Chris Haberman


"Chris Haberman likes art and art people and anyone creative. Also on his list of favorites - Conan the Barbarian and the simple yet exquisite tastes of life, making art and losing complete control of himself, long walks to the shower and months of sexual sundays. Self described as 'the most loyal flake you will ever meet.'"

Mykle Hansen

Mykle Hansen, Author

"Mykle Hansen's inability to have a normal reaction is key to the popularity of his strange fiction and neo-gonzo journalism. He is the author of the tragic comedy 'HELP! A Bear Is Eating Me!,' the acclaimed short-story collection 'Eyeheart Everything,' and 'Rampaging Fuckers Of Everything On The Crazy Shitting Planet Of The Vomit Atmosphere,' winner of the 2008 Wonderland Book Award. 'Hooray For Death', his latest effort to cheer you up, arrives in January 2012. A jack of all trades since birth, Mykle Hansen still tries to spend most of his time writing. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter, in an orange castle surrounded by a moat of man-eating chickens."

Jelly Helm

Studio Jelly, Principal and Creative Director

"Jelly Helm is the Principal and Creative Director of Studio Jelly, is formerly Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter, Group Creative Director at The Martin Agency, and Founder/Director of W+K 12, Wieden+Kennedy's experimental in-house school."

Courtney Hermann

Prairie Dust Films, Film Maker

"Courtney Hermann is an independent documentary filmmaker and educator from Portland, Oregon. Courtney produced the award-winning documentaries, 'Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival' and Standing Silent Nation, which aired nationally on PBS's Emmy-award winning documentary series, P.O.V. Praised by The New York Times, the documentary was featured at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., and won the audience award at several film festivals, including the Sedona International Film Festival."

Lindsay Jo Holmes

MapleXO, Jewelry Maker

"Lindsay Jo Holmes is a skateboarder who loves skating in itself and being a part of the skateboard community.  Repurposing skateboards in to jewelry has been her way to give back to her beloved community by reducing the environmental footprint of skateboarding and giving old boards new life. Lindsay recognizes the amazing art and talent that is put into the graphics and production of a skateboard deck and believes they deserve better than sitting in a landfill after they're no longer functional for riding."

Katie Johnson

Dollop Art, Painter

"Katie studied painting in Vancouver British Columbia at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and graphic design at the Art Institute of Portland. Growing up with a mother that read her all the great fairy-tales and a Magician for a father Katie has been fascinated with all things mystical and peculiar. Often dark in subject matter, her work remains playful with bright use of color and her strong interest in character development."

Juanita aka Jennifer Kenworth

Juanita's Velvets, Painter

"Juanita lives in Portland, Oregon where she creates her magic on Black Velvet. She will paint just about anything and loves commissions -pet portraits, -family portraits, -whatever you can dream up. Although Juanita started with Black Velvet Painting, she also loves to try new things and now paints on Velvet coats, Velvet pillows, even Velvet jewelry! She has been interviewed on several TV shows, magazines and is also in a book. On her website are a few examples of her publicity and her work can be seen in shows throughout the west coast."

Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols

Jolby, Designers, IIlustrators

"Jolby is a collaborative design and illustration studio based in Portland, Oregon. Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols began their partnership in 2005 after meeting at the Art Institute in San Diego. They combine their talents as Art Directors, Designers and Illustrators, utilizing their experience from working within agencies over the course of their careers. The two have exhibited their illustrations in galleries all over the world and have produced award-winning designs for clients including Disney, Intel, T-Mobile, Pitchfork and AIGA. They try to achieve two goals within the work they create: 'Tell a memorable story' and 'make people smile.'"

Jude Kirstein

Sugar Wheel Works, Hand Built Bicycle Wheels

"Born of the love for the hand-built bicycle wheel and it's powerful ability to revolutionize rides, lives, and communities: Sugar Wheel Works was founded in Portland, Oregon by Jude Kirstein. The work begins with the small things. How the company operates is equally important as creating and building a quality wheel. From what lubricants are used, how local orders are picked up and delivered, Sugar strives to make a positive impact on the community and beyond."

Jason Leisge

Oddball Tattoos, Tattoo Artist

"Jason Leisge has been drawing for as long as he can remember: his parents nurtured his interest in art from an early age, when he spent many of his Saturdays at an art teacher's house. At 15, Jason started skateboarding, and to hear him tell it: 'That changed my life. I saw cool artwork, I saw culture, I saw tattoos.' From then on, he decided to pursue art seriously and enrolled in art school, where he took classes in figure drawing and oil painting, skills that inform his work to this day. He got his start as a tattoo artist in Chicago in 1993, though he's been in Portland since October of 2000, where he is the proud owner of Oddball Studios. These days, Jason finds inspiration in his wife and daughter... though he still paints regularly and, of course, rides a skateboard."

Mathew Lippincott & Molly Danielsson

Cloacina, Resource Cyclers

"Cloacina is a minor Roman deity derived from Etruscan tradition. She is a guardian of the Cloaca Maxima, Rome's great sewer, a guarantor of purity and fidelity, and is sometimes seen as an aspect of Venus. Mathew and Molly are creating an alternative municipal waste disposal system that replaces mechanical power and centralization with composting and information. They appeal to Cloacina for her guidance, watchfulness, and namesake. Their networked system will do her work in the world, bringing human talent and electronic systems together to guide and watch over the biological processes that transform waste." Additionally, they work on civic science and kite and balloon mapping, selling balloon kits for $85 that when combined with your digital camera and helium can make a map that gets integrated into google earth.

BT Livermore

Big Time Illustration, Illustrator

"BT Livermore was born in Minnesota, and like all Minnesotans is covered head to toe with a downy layer of fur with which to keep warm during the winter. In 2005, he decided to trade in six months of snow for six months of rain and is now living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. His work has been described as 'a modern take on a drug-crazed, 1930's brain' and 'vaudeville awesome.' Cartoonish people and creatures abound in BT's prints, paintings, and illustrations, as well as a preponderance of vintage-inspired, hand-lettered typography."

Mary Kate McDevitt


"In 2010, Mary Kate moved out to Portland, OR to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator and artist, dividing her time between selling art on her etsy shop and hand lettering and illustration for clients. When Mary Kate is not in the studio, she enjoys drinking coffee, thrifting, riding bikes, watching News Radio with her boyfriend Fred DiMeglio and redecorating her house."

Janet McIntyre

Film Maker

"Janet McIntyre is an award-winning director, writer and producer. Her documentary 'Covered Girls' about Muslim American teenagers, screened at festivals worldwide and aired on Showtime, TNT and the Independent Doc Channel. She has produced and directed music videos with Peter Gabriel and Anton Corjbin, commercials for adidas and Nike, PSAs and recently directed Competition Not Conflict, a film on destructive conflict in professional sports. Her latest documentary endeavor, 'Faded,' is a film about teenaged girls and binge drinking."

Katy Meegan

KeeganMeegan & Co., Letterpress Printer, Print Maker

"Katy Meegan is a letterpress printer, bookbinder, teacher and artist living and working in Portland, Oregon, who co-founded Keeganmeegan & Co. with Keegan Wenkman in 2007. In combining their knowledge of design, letterpress, bookbinding and silkscreen, they have made it their mission is to print beautiful things, using the best materials, as well as supporting and inspiring the community on both a local and global scale."

Fritz Mesenbrink & Jeremy Pelley

OMFGco, Designers

"The Official Manufacturing Company are Fritz Mesenbrink and Jeremy Pelley. After having separately worked for some years for Wieden+Kennedy, Ace Hotel and a handful of other fantastic places, they now know exactly* what they're doing."

Kelsey Nelsen


"With a creative focus spanning experimental dwellings, tea, and pottery Kelsey Nelsen's work touches on social interaction and community support. The Shan-Tea project, a collaboration with Amber Phelps Bondaroff and others 'considers hosting, as an artistic act, challenging the following dichotomies of private/public; host/guest; stranger/friend. The border between artist/spectator and resident/guest is further dissolved by acknowledging the power of Medicine Lake as a liminal space.'

Tanner Galvin

Noystoise, Circuit Bender 

An enthusiastic proponent of Tanner's Galvin's Noystoize proclaims: 'He's not much into self-promotion [yet his] work doesn't lack attention. When he's not a kitchen chef at OHSU, he's building custom synthesizers. He sources a lot of material at the bins. I've seen him take an old PlayStation controller and modify the knob as a pitch/bend for a very small keyboard. It worked incredibly well.'"

Tony Pereira

Pereira Cycles, Bicycle Maker

"Pereira Cycles are custom, one-of-a-kind creations built to the needs of each individual client by frame builder Tony Pereira. The techniques are simple, yet precise and carefully executed to balance strength with lust-inspiring details of craftsmanship."

Mark Perusich & Sam Huff

Tanner Goods, Small Manufacturing - Leather Goods

"Tanner Goods was founded by Mark Perusich and Sam Huff. Their small team of craftsmen produce every piece by hand in studios here in the Northwest. Tanner Goods utilizes the same tools that have been put to work for decades manufacturing heritage leather goods, and in many cases they have sought out antique equipment that produces the best results. Plying their trade with the utmost in artisan care and attention to quality, their work has become an interesting intersection of America's past and its production on a small scale."

Hilary Pfeifer

Bunny with A Tool Belt, Artist, Crafter

"Bunny with a Toolbelt is a Portland, OR business that creates animals, wedding cake toppers, and other small sculptures from over 90% recycled wood and other materials. It is run by Hilary Pfeifer, a craft-influenced sculptor who has always had a not-so-secret love of creating one of a kind multiples."

Matt Pierce

Wood & Faulk, Builder, Designer and Tinkerer

"Wood & Faulk is Matt Pierce's chosen moniker, and it comes from Woodrow and Faulkner; two streets that he lived on in Kansas. Back then, he learned so much about working on old houses, building furniture, plumbing, electrical, working on cars, wood projects, metal projects and more. Nowadays, he's living in Portland, OR and is still continually tinkering. He has a tiny 103-year-old house with a little shop in the back, and should have lots of projects to share."

Robert & Jocelyn Rahm

Beam and Anchor, Owners

"In the Winter of 2011, Robert and Jocelyn Rahm had a carpe diem moment and decided that life was too short to not pursue their dream. With a passion for great design and the desire to support local makers, Beam & Anchor was born. They found the ideal venue for their vision in a handsome yet neglected 7,000 square foot building amidst an industrial landscape in North Portland. Along the way, they met Currie Person, who has since become an integral partner in the creation of the retail experience. The Beam & Anchor store is comprised of an evolving selection of carefully curated pieces, including custom-made furniture, art, ceramics, jewelry, home goods, and beautifully crafted items for travel, work, and living."

Kelley Roy

ADX, Owner, Director

"ADX is Building a Community of Thinkers & Makers in Portland, OR. Equal parts workspace and incubator, their membership-based community unites multiple creative disciplines within a 10,000 square-foot facility that is accessible, collaborative & affordable. From large, private wood and metal shops, to co-working desks, to big open areas for large projects, the ADX amenities offer the opportunity for makers of all stripes to explore their craft, prototype products, and enlist the support of industry experts. If you prefer to do it yourself, they also provide a diverse schedule of classes and a range of programming."

Julie Sabatier

Destination DIY, Radio Producer

"Julie Sabatier is the creator and host of the public radio show and podcast Destination DIY, which airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting as well as other stations around the country. Destination DIY blends recorded field sound, in-studio interviews and personal narration to create an arc that takes listeners on a journey and brings them back inspired. Julie has conducted interviews with inventors, tinkerers, DIY biologists, tattoo artists, and a woman who calls herself a “death midwife.” She is also the podcast producer for Bitch Magazine and a producer for OPB's daily talk show Think Out Loud. In all her spare time (ha ha), Julie is an avid DIY gardener. Her current challenge is  growing flowers for her wedding later this year. "

Mark Saltveit


"Mark Saltveit is widely recognized as one of the world's experts on palindromes. A Harvard graduate and standup comedian, he has written hundreds of palindromes, many articles on palindromes, and the book 'A Man, A Plan .... 2002: The Year in Palindromes.' He gives talks on "The Mystical History of Palindromes" (recently at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington) and presents a workshop on 'How to Write Your Own Palindromes' – soon to be a book – for school children."

Dave Selden

33 Books, Designer

"Dave Selden is the Designer, Janitor and Chief Fulfillment Officer at 33 Books Co., which makes and sells a variety of pocket-sized tasting books for beer, wine, cheese, whiskey, coffee, cigars ... Dave is a founder of the Stumptown 40, an annual Pinewood Derby-style race for Adults that benefits the Buckman Arts Elementary School Foundation. By day, he's the Creative Director at Pop Art, Inc., a boutique interactive agency in Portland, Oregon. An avid home brewer originally hailing from Iowa, Dave cures his own bacon and hams, but he's never slopped a pig."

James Sproul & Adam Shearer

Cdock, Designers, Developers

"The Cdock is a horizontal docking station for your iPhone 4 or 4s. Your iPhone is gently enclosed in a wood iPhone cover and charging station that transforms it into a mid-century bedside iPhone clock! The Cdock was never intended to alter the aesthetics of your iPhone, but rather to enhance the implied design elements already present. Its a retro piece for your bedroom, studio, or office. Because they use natural materials, each Cdock is unique. The head designer, James is a scholar of graphic design and the man behind Portland, Oregon's Hatched Goods. He has created many a handsome product and the Cdock is his latest and greatest! Adam is the development director, owner and creative director of Portland, Oregon design team WEINLANDcreative. He's spent the last several years bringing various hairbrained schemes to life. With a degree in psychology and a focus on human computer interaction he prides himself on understanding the complex relationships one has with one's robots."

Holly Stalder

Haunt, Clothing Designer

"Holly Stalder is a clothing designer specializing in custom bridal and one of a kind artful pieces of clothing. She's located in Portland, Oregon where she has a boutique called Haunt. Faded velvet ribbons, Edwardian lace, the beaded applique of a 1920's dress, aurora borealis rhinestone buttons. Holly's designs begin with her favored raw materials: salvaged antique fabrics and trims."

Paul Stoffregen

PJRC, Engineer

Paul Stoffregen, engineer and Dorkbot member has regularly contributed his time and energy to artists, helping them use technology to realize their creative visions. He's the creator of the Teensy Arduino board, loves a Bridgeport IPA and runs the electronics component website JPRC with his wife Robin Coon.

David Stoops

Black Star Bags, Bag Designer, Manufacturer

"Black Star Bags was founded by Dave Stoops in 2006. It began with a found sewing machine and some used fabric. At the time Dave was a bike messenger and was in need of a waterproof backpack but could not find one with the desired pockets and features that a custom bag could provide. Nearly four years and several hundred bags later, Black Star Bags is producing some of the best handmade waterproof bags on the streets."

Eric Vaughn

Boxx Corp, CEO, Designer, Engineer

"Eric Vaughn is the founder and CEO of BOXX Corp where he takes on the rolls of product designer, engineer, and marketer. He's a three times Emmy nominated Visual Designer and Director. He has 12 issued patents. His studies are in philosophy, logic design, literature and metaphysics."

Amy Weigand

Robot Builder

"Amy Weigand is part of Team Pandamonium, a First Robotics Competition team based in Portland, Oregon. They operate out of Riverdale High School designing, building, and programming a fully functioning robot in six weeks. Through the many hours spent debugging, designing, and building, they develop life long skills and experiences."

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