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Campaign Furniture

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Christopher Schwarz is one of the preeminent voices in modern woodworking. Founding Lost Art Press, along with his friend and fellow woodworker John Hoffman, Schwarz has set out to preserve woodworking through the use of traditional hand-tool skills. Schwarz is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, runs perhaps the world’s most prominent blog on woodworking, and he prides himself on being a voice to trust. With this book, simply titled Campaign Furniture, Schwarz professes his love for an 'underappreciated' style of furniture, outlines key details that mark the campaign style, and then he takes you through a number of distinct pieces (and as always, with great detail, specificity, and in his signature voice - all at once direct, romantic, and funny). Fall in love with Roorkee Chairs, the Field Desk, and a Traveling Bookcase, all at the hands of one of the woodworking masters. 

From the book: "We need campaign furniture more than ever before. Fill your house with it, and the ideals it embodies - sturdiness, simplicity and beauty - might just seep into the unconscious minds of your children or grandchildren as it did for me."

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