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  • Etwas Toolbag No. 2 - 16"
  • Etwas Toolbag No. 2 - 16"

Etwas Toolbag No. 2 - 16"

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Made entirely by hand with no plastic or electric assistance, Etwas bags bridge the grumpy/gorgeous divide with ease. The No. 2 Toolbag is 16 inches wide and able to carry tools up to 14.5 inches (37 cm) long. This general purpose size is designed to carry most hand held tools, the size of a hammer or a 12 inch ruler. A lifelong companion for any artisan, craftsperson, or hobbyist.

All Etwas toolbags are vegetable tanned and saddle stitched by hand with a recessed stitching groove to eliminate wear on the seam, and use our hand hammered copper rivets and special milled handle rivet.

A leather toolbag is much more durable than a canvas one, and because of the weight and softness of the leather it is suitable for edged tools; knives, chisels, planes. Leather outperforms a metal, plastic or wood toolbox because it is softer; the contents are less likely to slide and clatter around possibly becoming damaged. The bottom surface is non-scratching, which is an advantage in many work situations.

Some examples of toolbag use include: woodworking tools, chefs knives, home repair kit, gardeners tools, paint brushes, dies, engraving tools, bookbinders tools, ceramicists forming tools, mechanics tools, electricians tools, carving tools, finishing set, shoe shine kit, etc.

  • 16” w, 4.5” h, 4.5” d
  • Etwas guarantees their products with free repairs for life
  • Handmade in the USA

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