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  • Helle Dokka Knife
  • Helle Dokka Knife
  • Helle Dokka Knife
  • Helle Dokka Knife
  • Helle Dokka Knife

Helle Dokka Knife

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Nordic folks get a badass rap for a reason. Helle was founded in the 1930s by Steinar Helle and his brother, using the old forge on their family's farm, sandwiched between mountains and real actual fjords. Their simple knives were perfect for the hunting, farmwork and outdoor activities of your standard Norwegian. As the Helle brothers' company outgrew their small village, Steinar would pack a backpack with knives and ride his bicycle over an entire mountain range to sell them in Oslo... nearly 300 miles away. Their distribution is more streamlined now, but the rugged quality of their knives hasn't budged. 

The Dokka Knife is an outlive-you quality tool. The unusual blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel: a high carbon alloy center for durable wicked edge plus two layers of stainless steel for corrosion prevention. The thick forged design makes it stout, sharp, and tough as hell(e). It folds securely, opens smoothly, and the natural Curly Birch handle gives great purchase. As a folder it feels as sturdy and predictable as a fixed blade. Smooth and well-weighted, with an edge that won't quit even after months of daily use, whether you're doing farm work or aimless campfire whittling. These handmade knives come with a fittingly thick, well-made leather sheath with belt loop, a Helle cleaning and carrying cloth, and a lifetime warranty, and it all arrives in a snug recycled tube. Great gift-giving material for that mountainous badass in your life.

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