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  • Orange Handled Trowel Narrow
  • Orange Handled Trowel Narrow

Orange Handled Trowel Narrow

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These tart Japanese trowels are fun, functional, and very orange. They're simple tough tools, made from well-formed steel and coated with unambiguous color. The hollow handle keeps it light, with perforated holes to let schmutz out and maximize grip. The long narrow blade has a nice deep scoop, particularly good for planting bulbs, small repotting, and weeding in tighter spaces. There are general millimeter markings along the side for depth guidance. The handle also hides an integrated hanger, so you are free to store it in a muddy pile or displayed lovingly on a hook. Wherever you keep it (or forget it in the yard) the attractive orange 2-tone will be a beacon to help you find it, or beckon you back to the garden.

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