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  • Silky Teflon Floral Scissors
  • Silky Teflon Floral Scissors
  • Silky Teflon Floral Scissors

Silky Teflon Floral Scissors

Sold Out

If the name "Silky Flart" doesn't make your heart go pitter patter (in a good way) you've clearly never used them. We are obsessed with these scissors. Their teflon coating, easy tight action and comfortable grip make them great for many tasks. Intended for use as floral scissors, they're easy to use for small dainty cutting but hold up fine to thicker and tougher materials like lighter leather and cardboard. One pair has been abused enthusiastically by our shipping department for months with no complaints on either end. 

  • As elegant in the hand as the name isn't.
  • Ideal for desk or fanatical floral use
  • Made in Japan
  • david

    Whenever I reach for the Silky Floral Scissors, I know that it’s going to be a breeze. Whether it’s precision cuts on leather, speedy runs down a sheet of paper, or a quick snip of twine these Flarts blow all other scissors out of the water. I’ve been tossing a pair around for months in the shipping area of Hand-Eye Supply and they’re still sharp and coveted by coworkers. Who has the Flarts, guys?

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