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  • Sugru Black and White Pack of 8
  • Sugru Black and White Pack of 8
  • Sugru Black and White Pack of 8

Sugru Black and White Pack of 8

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Sugru is the incredible new air-curing rubber for designers, makers, DIYers & anyone else who wants to improve or repair their stuff.

Black and white, flexible, and self-adhesive to most other materials, sugru is a new cool tool for designers and DIYers - Make custom grips on tools and kitchen knives, repair leaky boots, stop sharp objects from scratching your furniture and that’s only just the beginning.

Black and White 8 x 5g minipacks inside a lovely big pouch.

Top 10 uses of sugru at home:

  • Repair and strengthen damaged cables
  • Add rubber feet to products to prevent them scratching furniture
  • Make comfier grips on tools and kitchen implements
  • Repair a broken fridge or freezer door
  • Rebuild missing knobs, buttons and saucepan lid handles
  • Repair your favourite mug
  • Make rubber bumpers on sharp corners to make them safer
  • Smooth out rough areas inside a shoe that’s uncomfortable
  • Patch up leaky shoes and boots (upper not sole)
  • Personalise your stuff so others can’t confuse it with theirs 

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