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Craigslist Roundup 1/14/16 - Mostly Bad Vans Edition

Posted on 15 January 2016

This week is the Van edition! I was inspired to do a roundup of the West Coast's finest vans after a barrage of IMs from yours truly to my coworkers of classic vans went largely ignored. I have chosen to take my van'in to the blog. Being that two people here at Hand-Eye own and love vans (myself with a 1965 VW Camper and Lyndsey with a 1993 Custom Eurovan) I suppose its time for me to indulge myself in total vanage. 

1966 Ford Falcon Clubwagon - $12,000 Redondo Beach, CA

The first on the list is not only the nicest but also most expensive. I realize last weeks roundup was all champaign taste on a champaign budget but aside from this first one our selections this week are all beer budget. So lets just get the expensive one out of the way. 

It is pretty rare to find one of these bad boys in such primo condition. It isn't really worth putting $15,000 into restoring a van if it is only worth $12,000 in the end so the only way to have one so nice is to buy a really clean original vehicle, which this one seems to be. I just hope they kept the original wheels so you could return it back to stock. Those hubcaps and painted steel rims are fresh. The chrome rims are dumpster fodder.  Link

Mid 60's Econoline - $3,500 Victorville CA

Here is a good can of Coors to wash out the taste of champaign lingering in your mouth from the last van. This week's post is quite first generation E-Series Ford van heavy. And let me tell you, this van is heavy. It appears that it was originally a panel van that was converted into a camper with Hehr camper windows added (these windows work great and parts and seals are still available). Rarely are the camper interiors in tact in these old conversion vans. That just means it's a blank slate for your custom touches of brown carpet and barn wood.

Another big plus is that this one is a "shorty" or short wheel base model translating into easier maneuvering and lower gasoline bills. All of these vans came with reletively economical straight six engines of three different sizes. This one's isn't listed but chances are its not going to put you under on fuel economy. It apears to be original paint and actually quite straight. The bumpers look like they have never hit or been hit. It also has it's 60's California Black license plates so you know that baby is likely dry. If I were to buy it I would tune it up, camperize the back, and leave the rest alone. Link

1958 VW Bus - $4,500 Philadelphia, PA 

I realize that this bus is neither on the west coast or Craigslist, but its just such a bitchen machine. Pre 1967 (particularly pre 1959) VW busses have become mind numbingly expensive over the last 15 years. But not this jalopy! 

Condition is clearly not great, what with a big hole in the roof and rust, but hey, what do you expect for $4,500? It says that the engine shown is not included. It isn't clear if it comes with one or not, but there are usually at least a couple of sub $300 VW engines on Portland's craigslist (albeit of dubious origin). These early buses are rudimentary machines at best, lacking in such luxuries as adequate heating and a gas gauge, but they are terribly fun to drive and marvelously easy to work on. It likely isn't worth restoring, at least not yet, but it would be a great weekend beater. Just screw a piece of sheet metal over the hole in the roof and hit the road. Link

1978 Dodge b200 Tradesman - $3,500 San Francisco, CA

Remember last week when I warned of the half truths sellers sometimes spin? Well this beast's ad seems chock full of fibs. Apparently it comes with a brand new $600 battery. I have no idea what kind of car battery costs $600. I hope its full of liquid gold and is made of Madonna's hair. Same goes with that $400 alternator. A quick search reveals that they go for about $40. I feel like the seller just tried to gussy up his posting a bit by adding some extra zeros. 

It does however seem to come with some good good black velvet paintings. Besides, even if this thing does end up being a lemon and crapping out on you shortly after buying it you could put a sink in there and rent it out for $500 a week on Airbnb. It would be the cheapest rent in The Mission District! Link


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