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Weekly Roundup 1/21/16 - Potentially Haunted Edition

Posted on 22 January 2016

This week I was inspired to share real estate that I personally can't afford. I came across an old theater for sale in Weed, CA and my search bloomed from there. Unfortunately interesting commercial buildings are much harder to find on Craigslist as rarely do the owners of an awesome warehouse space realize how awesome it is. You also cant search via year make and model when looking for properties. That said, I was able to rustle up a few good property deals.

1920's Corner Store - $649,500 Long Beach, CA

This little gem is broken up into three retail spaces. The one on the back looks like it was either an addition or separate building. Either way, this place is pretty cheap. It seems like a descent neighborhood with plenty of traffic. Open a shop up front and live in the back why don't you! Realistically at this price it's likely a total wreck. But hell, its only a ten minute bike ride to the beach (a great place to sleep when your dilapidated building burns in an electrical fire). Link

Turn of the Century School - $1,200,000 Tillamook, OR

It may be true that the Oregon coast is both less sexy or sunny than Long Beach, but it at least makes up for it with bang for your buck as far as real estate goes (as well as with an ample supply of dairy products). How would you like to own a big creepy old Catholic school in a misty coastal town? They have a number of suggestions of what you can do with the building, none of them being turn it into a spooky mansion in the middle of town (which is clearly the best choice). Link

Art Deco Movie Theater - $349,000 Weed, CA

How about a stunning movie theater in Weed CA at the foot of Mt. Shasta? A lot of strange people live up on that mountain. Folks believe that the mountain has supernatural powers, it's interior apparently holding a utopian city called Telos. It isn't clear whether the folks who live in said underground town are actual physical beings or 5th dimensional creatures on a higher plane of being than us. It all sounds too weird to make up. Plus, if the beings ever come out of the mountain it would mean that much more business for your little old theater in Weed! It would also be worth welcoming Sasquatch, Batsquatch, and the Aliens in as well, as they too have been sighted on the mountain. As my grandpapop said, money is money, no matter who holds it. It would be nice to restore the marque with the original name, The Weed Palace. No Pot jokes please. Link

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