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A Moment to Appreciate Elliott Erwitt

Posted on 07 June 2016

We're a supply store. We sell things to help you make things, and we want you to look and feel good. We're committed to craft, and as a photographer, that's how I justify my incessant posting about that craft. 

But I still sometimes wonder if I should slow down, write about a few other things that might be more directly "relevant." But just as I am really thinking this, I wake to see the news that NPR photographer David Gilkey has died in Afghanistan. He himself was a dedicated and incredible photographer. This post isn't about him - there's a number of posts on NPR that indicate his impact - but it is a post inspired by him. 

Maybe these simple posts, read by a few of you, are worth it. Whether they're living or dead, maybe I'm giving new life to a great photographer. Maybe the simple act of appreciating is justification enough.

So here are a few of my favorite Elliott Erwitt photos. As always: one of my favorite photographers. He's perhaps the most famous photographer I've posted about. He had an amazing eye for catching romantic love - some of those photos show an incredible knack for timing (not included here). His photos often have an absurd element, they're often playful, and as I look at an Erwitt frame, I can't help but think the shutter was hit at the only moment it possibly could have been.

A few photos by Erwitt, in honor of the act of appreciating and in honor of David Gilkey...

See more Erwitt photos here. 

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