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Grab Bag of Bugeye Sprites

Posted on 05 January 2016

If the eye watering prospect of those Brough Supirior motorcycles posted last week wasn't tormenting/tantalizing enough, I have bad news for you. There are currently roughly 3 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprites listed on the San Luis Obispo craigslist with a huge grab bag of spare parts. All of the cars are in varying levels of basketcaseitude, but they sure are tempting. 

Luckily I have neither the money or patience for such an endeavor. I dabbled in British cars for a short time with a 1969 Land-Rover but grew tired of chasing down faulty electronics and twisting off Whitworth bolt heads that couldn't be replaced at the hardware store (Whitworth or BSW is an antiquated hardware standard that floats in its own realm somewhere between metric and imperial). I happily traded my clean Rover for a clapped out 1965 Volkswagen Camper. 

But I implore you dear reader to go ahead and buy this hoard! You will certainly be kept busy for the foreseeable future. Is it worth the $17,000? Maybe. I don't know to be honest. But the lesson of biting off more than you can chew is priceless. If you haven't learned that lesson yet yourself, here is your opportunity. 

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