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Trucker Slang! The Great American Anti-Language

Posted on 07 January 2016

As CB radios have slowly disappeared from the cabs of trucks, supplanted by more modern radio equipment and cell phones, trucker slang has slowly faded from the popular consciousness. Since we are now one year further from the heyday of CB radios and the golden age of truckin' I feel like it is appropriate to tip the old cowboy hat to that language that is slowly disappearing on American roadways with a roundup of a few of our favorite terms.  


Happy happy - happy new year 

Gator - A piece of tire lying on road left from a blowout creating a hazard. A baby gator refers to a smaller piece of tire.

Back door - something behind you

Bear - law enforcement officer 

Bear bait - A speeding car that can be followed to protect the vehicles behind it, the first vehicle in a line being the most likely to get a speeding ticket. 

Bear in the air - law enforcement aircraft

Billy Bigrigger - A trucker that brags about his rig or his abilities. Also known as a Supertrucker. 

Black eye - headlight out 

Bumpersticker - tailgating car 

Chicken lights - accessory lights on a truck 

Comedian - median strip in highway 

Come-a-part - cummins brand engine 

Commercial company - a prostitute 

Double nickel - 55 miles per hour 

Dragon wagon - tow truck 

Feeding the bears - to pay a ticket 

42 - yes or ok 

Georgia overdrive - to put truck in neutral going down hill to pickup speed (generally considered dangerous) 

Greasy - icy 

Hammer down - step on it 

Hammer lane - passing lane 

Having shutter trouble - having a hard time staying awake 

Mama bear - female law enforcement 

Motion lotion - diesel fuel 

Negatory - no

Plain wrapper - unmarked police car 

Ratchet jaw - A driver who talks a lot drowning out others on the CB channel 

Reading the mail - Not talking, just listening to the CB radio 

Roller skate - small car 

Seat cover - car driver 

Stagecoach - tour bus 

Thermos - tanker truck 

West coast turnarounds - uppers, speed, or benzedrine 


Terms via Trucker Country

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