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Craigslist roundup 1/7/16

Posted on 07 January 2016

Today, a belated Craigslist roundup. It was a busy Holiday here at Hand-Eye Supply and I just didn't have as much time to find you the most interesting deals on Craigslist, but here we are in the doldrums of winter and I have plenty of time again. This week I have a steaming heap of European money-suckers to spend your Christmas dollars on. More next week! 

1959 Land Rover Series II - $14,500 Sacramento, CA

First on the list is a very handsome 1959 Land Rover Series II. I have personally owned a Series II and let me tell you, they really are a tractor in truck's clothing. The ride is rough, the rain comes in from everywhere, the heater stinks, a radio would be a waste of money as the road noise inside is louder than a trashy nightclub, and they are marvelously underpowered. They are geared low and have a pipsqueak 2.25 liter engine in them pushing out a feeble 75 horsepower. Expect to pull out tree stumps rather than go on highway cruises. 

But even still, these really are great trucks. For a worker you cant beat them. International parts availability is pretty good (though these early II's have some weird hard to find bits). Although underpowered for most American roads, they have ample power for their intended use in agrarian and off road work. The cheapest Land Rover you buy will end up being the most expensive car you have ever owned. If you want one of these just spend the money to get a nice one. This one seems to fit the bill. Plus it has two tops and an accessory heater to keep your toes cozy. I would discourage city dwellers from purchasing as you really don't need it. Trust me. Link

1957 Volkswagen Beetle - $12,000 Los Angeles, CA 

This car makes me slightly leery as it seems to be posted by a dealer. One should be very careful when buying a car from a dealer. Often sellers will lie or fib about certain details of a cars condition. When buying from dealers you might be buying from a skilled professional fibber. So the onus is on you to do good investigatory work (or hire a good VW mechanic to inspect the car before purchase).

Dealer or no I think this little 57 looks like a pretty good deal. The white walls and rear window shade are a bit grandpa for me. Still sporting a 36 horsepower engine, this car is minimally more highway worthy than the Land Rover above. Don't expect to cruise much faster than 55-60 mph. But that all said this would be a great in town car. Plus your grandfather will love the tires.  Link

1960 Fiat 1100 - $8000 Los Angeles, CA

I guess it's the week of humble european cars as next up is a 1960 Fiat 1100. I have always liked these cars though I know little about them. Their styling is mild in the same likable way as a good sturdy leather shoe. There are no frills or excessive trim. This is a car's car.  

Parts cant be terribly easy to find, but this little sedan looks tidy and complete, likely only needing regular routine maintenance. Plus it has suicide doors! Link

1963 Volkswagen Baja Bug - $7500 Antelope Valley, CA

Last is this premium 1963 Baja. It's hard to say if the $7500 asking price is reasonable. Usually hacked up Baja bugs aren't really worth anything as the baja bug craze was over like 35 years ago and it only left a trail of battered and devalued cars in its wake. However, this one seems a bit different.

It's like a time capsule to the 70's when hair was long, blond, and on a dude's head. There are likely still empty pull tab cans of Budweiser rolling around on the floor in back. The vintage decals on the sun baked paint make my lower lip quiver, not to mention the roof rack and oil cooler bolted directly to the roof. Hopefully there are some good ZZ Top cassette tapes included in the glovebox. Link

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