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Print Shop Collection feat. Keegan Meegan & Co.

Posted on 06 March 2014

Good print - like a good life - takes focus, dedication, and plenty of passion. It pays to labor long over details, to embellish a little past necessary. Printmaking blends the beautiful and functional, and reminds us to pay attention to the physical world. It's the persnickety but always right teammate, or an older relative with wild stories and a quick wit.

The acute accuracy of carefully set type goes unnoticed by most letter-lookers. But if you crave the precision of picas and points, our collection is for you. Typeheads rejoice! Letterpress, printmaking, graphic design, zine layout, and other tactile traditionalists will get a little lift with these cool tools. Keep your head in the clouds but your hands in the game!

This month the Hand-Eye Supply team got a peek into print life when delivering some goods to Portland-based letterpress virtuosos Keegan Meegan & Co. We supplied their print shop with some great new gear, including our Hand-Eye Work Aprons, Gaebel Rulers and the re-issued Magma sketchbook! Check out their work at


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