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Back to Work Collection Feat. Paulrose Products

Posted on 24 February 2014

When we started the hunt for our dream denim, we knew we were aiming high. It had to be great quality cloth, sewed right, cut for the modern butt, and tough enough for use everydangday. In the end we chose Paulrose Products, because their goals are a lot like ours. They make thick, beautiful, raw denim jeans with a dual nod to traditional designs and modern expectations. Steered by denim veteran Brandon Svarc of Naked and Famous, and guided by the legacy of his grandparents’ workwear companies, you’ll find no flybynight pants here. These you can actually live and work in… maybe forever.

The Paulrose product line is enthusiastically limited. There are two styles to choose from - one is based on a 1947 Levis 501, and the one pictured is narrower and contemporary. Both are made from exceptional, slubby Japanese denim. They don’t do a dozen options, they don’t do cheap labor. What Paulrose does offer is high quality, extra-thick (17oz.!), long-wearing jeans you can take to work or play. If that doesn’t sound like the right idea, we feel sorry for your legs.


Our model is Marc, a 6’4” 180lb. Northwest native. He’s been a wilderness guide, trailblazer, wilderness firefighter and salesman of fine meat products. Near Marc and his sweet pants you’ll also notice enjoyable tools and accessories, gathered around like appreciative friends: the Paulrose chambray shirtEtwas toolbagsPortland-made knit caps, folding rulers, a coffin-shaped tool roll, a sneaky Pointer cameo, and more. It’s a galdang pants bonanza.






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