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Have Yourself a Hand-Eye Holiday!

Posted on 02 December 2013

The season of sparkling snow and stress and singing Santa figurines is here! In between the food and the familial feuding, we hope you'll find time to show your loved ones you support their creative aims. At Hand-Eye Supply we think a good gift sparks excitement about the object and the way you'll use it. We've gathered some especially inspiring objects for the shop, the studio, the campsite and the home. Who they're gifted to (or hoarded by) is up to you, but we guarantee they're all nicely made, satisfying to hold, and ready to fit a creative lifestyle.

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"Heavy-Weight" Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser that only requires one hand for use could easily outlast you, the key quality we all secretly crave in desk accessories. $50 


Blackstock's Collections Note Pad

Inspired by the bestselling book Blackstock's Collections, these reporter-style notepads feature the obsessively detailed visual lists of artist Gregory L. Blackstock from party noisemakers to tools and sailing knots. These lined notepads are perfect for recording daily to-dos, dashing off grocery items, or doodling everyday objects. $15.95


Blackstock's Collections

Modern life is an ever-accelerating barrage of people, buildings,vehicles, creatures, and things. How much can a curious mind take in? And what can it do with all the data? Gregory L. Blackstock, a retired Seattle pot washer, draws order out of all the chaos with a pencil, a black marker, and some crayons. Blackstock is autistic and an artistic savant. $21.95


The Adjustable Clampersand

The Adjustable Clampersand is a rare and precious thing: a true Core77-born commodity. Its first inkling was an original Coretoon by Tony Ruth, showing the typographical tool in sketchy form. And now, with much hard work and horn-tooting, you can find the fully-fledged and functional Clampersand. $40


Dux Sharpeners

Dux has made high quality cures for the woebegone writing instrument for over 100 years, and we trust that one of their finely crafted sharpeners will do the trick for you and your styli. $8 - $20

Elemen'tary Screwdrivers

These unique screwdrivers are made by hand in Elemen'tary's small London workshop. The design is copied from originals created by a cabinet maker who was unable to find a set of modern tipped screwdrivers that met his requirements for quality, comfort and simplicity. $24 - $50


Ellepi Staplers

What makes the Ellepi stapler smile? Does its high-shine finish tickle? Does it gloat, knowing its retro style still charms? Maybe these little staplers are dreaming of their Italian roots, growing up in small batches in a cozy 4-man factory near Milan. One way or another, their personality is undeniable and the smirk is infectious. $24 - $60


Estwing Claw Hammers

Estwing hammers have been precision-made in the U.S. since 1923. Founded by Ernest O. Estwing, the brand has long been associated with impeccable quality and dedication to the needs of workers in fields from deconstruction to geology. The astronauts of Apollo 11 even used Estwing hammers on the moon! $40 - $45


Fabriano Note Pads

Fabriano EcoQua notebooks are simple, stately and sustainably sourced. These sleek pads are perfect for those who do a little of everything, from lists to sketches. $5.50 - $10


Feuerhand Lantern

Fuerhand Lanterns have been made entirely in Germany since the 1930s - wick, glass and all - and they're known for their dependable qualityWhether you seek to simplify your life or prepare for complicated times a-coming, owning a lantern is a good move. Their glow is gentler and more adjustable than propane options, and (despite olden associations) they are highly efficient. $39.95


Geier Work Gloves

Geier Glove Company was founded by the Geier brothers in 1927. Since then their products have shown consistent attention to detail, both functionally and aesthetically. Still family owned and operated in Centralia, Washington, their high-quality and practical gloves live up to their motto, “Western made for Western trade.” $49 - $59


Gyokucho Folding Saw

This sporty red multi-purpose saw excels at easy cuts on (almost) any type of project. Medium-fine teeth make smooth, effortless cuts in all directions (cross, rip and diagonal cuts), particularly when pruning. While it might look like a transforming battle-bot, the Gyokucho Folding saw is recommended for cutting green trees, timber, plywood, bamboo and PVC, rather than the tanks of sworn enemies. $50


Hand-Eye Supply Canvas Tool Bags

They're here! The official Hand-Eye Supply tool bags deliver everything we've been pining for in portable storage: they're spacious, easy to use, luxurious yet burly, and - of course - made here in the US. They feel nice to use and are made to last, and have that certain something that makes us feel good giving them the Hand-Eye name. $95 -$120


Hand-Eye Supply Portland Made Knit Caps

These straightforward and stylish hats are perfect for that dry early winter chill - a nice midweight hat to hug your nogginDesigned for a chunky cuff on non-Coneheads, and sports a small attractive Hand-Eye Supply tag. Made in Portland by a small knitting mill, on 1920s knitting machines. $18 - $20


Hand-Eye Supply Portland Made Aprons

Much-sought, rarely found: a flattering server-style waist apron in attractive yet durable fabric. Do you crave the coverage and professionalism of an apron, but wish you could cut it in half? This HES design meets the needs we've heard from frustrated bartenders, hairdressers, cooks, nannies, cheese technicians and more. $35


Hand Forge Bottle Opener

Bring a little fire-god into your drinking routine. Rough-hewn but carefully made, each bottle opener is forged individually in Portland, OR on the anvil, then finished by hand and inspected for proper fit. $36


Iris Hantverk Brush & Dustpan

Leave it to the Swedes to refine something as simple as the dustbroom. Iris Hantverk is a Swedish company with a century-long reputation for attractive and well-made brushes. Their designs are distinctive and modern while using traditional construction methods and simple, high quality materials. $50


Iris Hantverk Long Handled Brush & Dustpan

When you were a wee one, your adults probably tried to trick you into thinking clean-up was an exciting passtime. No well-meaning duplicity here, these tidiness tools are just fun. Designed to balance together delicately, using this brush and dustpan set feels a little like touching a Calder and getting away with it. $80


Kaweco Special Mechanical Pencils

Kaweco has been making quality writing equipment since 1883. The Special Pencil is a mighty fine update on their classic Sport line of practical and beautiful fountain pens. Octagonal machined aluminum with a brushed and black-anodized finish feels fabulous in the hand and looks fancy on the desk. $40 - $42


Kujira Whale Knives

Does your desk lack a certain... gravitas? Here at Hand-Eye Supply, we recommend filling every ambiguous emptiness with knives. In this case, Whale knives designed to compliment your daily desk needs with enough style to keep you dangerously well-prepared. $55


Mason Shaker

Watching a drink get made feels a little like witnessing black magic. In go the carefully chosen ingredients, blend with a bit of calculated violence, and with a quick strain and pour you’re suddenly given something new (and often intoxicating). Take a peek behind the veil with the Mason Shaker. This home-bar helper is simple but powerful. It combines the seasoned drinkmaker’s requisite parts with the clear, classic and easy to clean Mason Jar base, bringing the dark arts within reach. $29.99


Maxi Block Sketch Pad

This is a hefty desk notepad. Sticky notes are too confining, notebooks can’t be trusted to stay. The Maxi Block will remain, solid and stolid, a paper bulwark against time and the impermanence of thought. It’ll be there for your notes, doodles, letters and lists. $20 - $31


Midori Hamono Culinary Knives

Midori Hamono knives set a stellar example for pragmatic tools made beautifully. Handmade in Japan, the blade has a professional grade VG-10 stainless core with 15 layers of laminated stainless Damascus cladding, and a "tsuchime" or hammer marked finish. The dappling of the hammer marks prevent materials from sticking to the side of the knife. $65 - $125


Bridgetown Forge x Hand-Eye Supply Nata Hatchet

Behold, the mighty Bridgetown Forge x Hand-Eye Supply Hand-Forged Nata Hatchet! Each Nata is crafted in Portland, OR by the experienced hands of blacksmith Arnon Kartmazov, with the assistance of Nitzan Lilie. Bridgetown Forge is run by Arnon, whose decade+ of apprenticeship in Japan makes him an ideal person to craft this Japanese style hatchet. $245


Otter-Messer Industrial Shears

While these might look like safety scissors for a giant, they're really giant scissors for your workshop. Cut cardboard faster and slice through leather in a single bound! These German super-scissors answer to no man.  $42


Otter Wax Weather Proofing

Beginning in his kitchen, the founder of Otter Wax set about the formulation of an all-natural alternative to waxing fabrics with petroleum-based products. After an extensive period of development, Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax was born as the only all-natural way to waterproof fabrics without using paraffin, silicone, distillates, or other synthetic, artificial, and toxic ingredients. The Otter Wax product line includes an all-natural line of leather care products including Saddle Soap Leather Cleanser, Leather Salve Conditioning Treatment, and Leather Oil. $18 - $28


Paulrose 17oz. Denim Pant

Paulrose Products began in 1960 as a Montreal-made workwear label named after its owners, Paul & Rose Svarc. Though the Paulrose label was retired many years ago, Paul & Rose built a family clothing business which continues to operate today. Now, in memory of his grandfather, Brandon Svarc (designer of Naked and Famous) is rebuilding the label. Hand-Eye Supply digs hard on good design, good material, and good backstory, and Paulrose dishes it out. The construction is hearty, and the 17oz. denim is heavy enough to walk around on its own. $230







Peg & Awl Chalk Tablet

Get all the thrill of a blackboard with none of the performance anxiety! This list-sized tablet can level-up your note taking game. Keep it nearby on your desktop, refrigerator, bedside table, or the wall of your outhouse. The tablets are finished with reclaimed black leather from WWII gun holsters, chalkboard paint and tung oil. $22


Peg & Awl Cutting and Serving Board

To cut, serve and protect your foods. These beautiful boards are made from reclaimed hickory, fitted with aged steel boat cleat handles and given a simple, easy to maintain olive oil treatment. Each board's grain will be slightly different, but every one is lovely. Use them for everything you'd normally use a cutting board for... and then some. I mean, what can't you do with a nice slab of wood? $80


Peg & Awl Lunch Palette and Knife

This palette and knife is a small cutting board set, made from reclaimed hickory. Small enough to travel but big enough to be useful, they're made to fit snuggly inside the bottom of the Marlowe Lunchbag and perform perfectly at a picnic. We also think they'd be ideal entertaining boards - go straight from cutting to serving up class. $34


Peg & Awl Marlowe Lunch Bag

Did you ever get sweet notes in your lunch bag? Well it's time you did again.. this time with some grown up food and some grown up flair. This reusable lunch bag brings brown bagging an extra charm. In addition to nicely understated colors, the front pocket encourages note sharing to keep you smiling through the day. $44


Pointer Brand Wool Chore Coat

This chore coat is an iconic piece of workwear, it keeps you clean and warm when the climate is less friendly. Pointer Brand has been making Chore Coats and other workwear in Bristol, Tennessee since 1913. Features triple-stitched seams, high quality 100% wool, and 4 jumbo sized pockets. $170


Ryan McGinness To-Do List Calendar

It's here, the Ryan McGinness To-Do List Calendar 2014! Ryan McGinness has been self-publishing these unique To-Do list calendars for his personal use for years, and the 2014 calendar is the perfect resource for any artist, designer, or dedicated list-maker to have on his or her own desk. $24.95


Shinwa Mini Protractor

Handy angle detection in a pocket size. These Japanese protractors are indispensable in the shop, studio or garage, and might be the only way you can be certain about the angle of that dangle. $18


Safety Spectacles with Wire Side Shields

Don't wait to find out firsthand why you should wear safety glasses. Take a preemptive strike against eye injuries and irritation with these classic wire mesh side-shield safety glasses. $20


Stone + Cloth Utility Case

These super versatile pouches are possibly the most lovable bags in our repertoire. The Stone and Cloth Utility Case is handmade in Los Angeles from fine cotton and slippery smooth zippers. These bags are a great size, a great value and great blend of quality production and quality values. $25


The Good Life Lab

Part biography, part how-to, part countercultural fairytale. The Good Life Lab is a passionate look at experimentation in many fields, above all: life-making. $18.95


Tosa Culinary Knives

These traditional thin-bladed culinary knives are handmade in Tosa, Japan. Ideal for thin fast chopping, the double beveled edge and core is made from high carbon steel (hagane), forged to hammered iron (jigane) for tensile strength. Accordingly, they're easy to sharpen and well known for their durability and long lasting cutting edge. The light wood handles may darken with use but resist breakdown. The blue-black of the forged iron cladding also looks super-boss. $40 - $48


Tuls Pocket Tools

Meet Tuls - a collection of compact, well-designed, card-sized tools created to solve a range of everyday problems, bundled in functionally complimentary sets, flat enough to ride on your keychain or in your wallet or purse. They're designed to be there for you in those times when you can't reach the tool you wish you had. Tuls are laser cut from 18 gauge titanium, about as thick and rigid as a US dime; tough, durable and designed to last. $36



Wabi-Sabi is a helpful classic on how creative minds can better understand, accept and work with (rather than against) imperfection. The Japanese term "Wabi-Sabi" refers to the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It celebrates modest, humble and unconventional in objects and experiences. $16


Z-Saw Woodpecker Mini Panel Saw

The Woodpecker Mini Panel Saw is a smaller version of a traditional Japanese panel saw - a saw with a special tooth on the tip to be able to cut from the center of a board. Though diminutive compared to its larger kin, the 6” blade saw can cut boards and square lumber up to 1.5” thick. The pull-saw style and cane-wrapped handle give good ergonomics, grip and control. $39


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